What Is Omegafi And How It’s Works


What Is Omegafi?

Omegafi is a fantastic software program, that can be used to manage expenses and budgets. It works to clever track of what, you spending your money on, and helps to make a better decision about allocating your resources.

Omegafi is used to expense your business can helps to save money and boost productivity. It is the best system set up for tracking expenses. It’s used as a spreadsheet, journal, or even a dedicated app.

History Of Omegafi

Omegafi is started in “1992”. It’s the creative result of a junior year class project by the talented person” Todd Reaves”. He is a man of the treasure of fraternity. It’s the first year to sign the first client. The student client is “Sigma Nu”. 

In 1993, Todd graduate from “Auburn” and devotes himself to billing and collection ideas. It’s used to cover the billing facilities and saved it. The rent and fee for fraternity chapters.

In 1994, It is used for the proactive customer service plan. The plan is superb. It is used o save the position of account manager was developed.

In 1996, The company of Omegafi is growing its internet clients and, moved to the online system. It is launched desktop chapters, prosperity, web-based chapters, and management tools.

In 1990, the company of omegafi is proud to partner with 337 chapters, and represent 34 different organizations on 178 university and college campuses. It implements a fundraising program and begin billing and collecting campaign contribution. 

In 2002, the partner with the chapters are 831. And representing 70 different organizations in “302 universities”.

In 2003, It was used for communication services. The members of all the generations can be better stay in touch. The events of respective chapters. The invitations and dedicated mailers are all part of the national billing partner.

In 2004, It is introduced as a “Cornerstone Service” The Embark-Alumni Relation, is established.

In 2005, omegafi is celebrating its 1000th partnership and ending the year of working with 1,213 chapters. 

In 2008, the maximum large scale is build-out and renovation. The range of 1893 is brick building is new again.

2009, It has billed the collected $1 billion on the internal organization.

In 2010, The suit of effeciency-enabilling tools services.

In 2015, They worked with “1 million” students and release a redesigned, modern mobile-friendly segment. It manages the financial communication membership aspect of its business.

In 2017, The partnership is acquired and highlighted on its 25th anniversary as both bodily and GINsystem. The industry’s largest technology companies are on the same system. 

In 2021, The industry is recognized as a valued service provider on the Visa Global Registry of the service provider. The payment service card was introduced in the PCI standard. 

How Many Types of Omegafi Working?

These are some types introduced to select the procedures of working. The company is work to use the general illustration. These are some steps are introduced:

  1. Account manager
  2. Support manager
  3. Account representative plan
  4. Billing schedule
  5. Paper statements
  6. Email memberships
  7. Mail online by phone
  8. Use credit card
  9. Daily deposit
  10. Banks accounts
  11. Pay funds
  12. Bill pay
  13. Officers purchasing
  14. Prepaid cards

How Can Omegafi Work In Billing Process

The maintenance complete control is interesting in billing. The procedure shows the accuracy of the account manager and determined the statements that are mailed. The charges are assessed to cover the payment that is due and late.

The fourth statement per semester is mailed to each other member with, the account activity. 

The omgafi shows the email notification mailed.

The members who are current with their accounts balance have convenient options. 

The references are accessed through their statements history online through the mobile app.

Balances age are covered according to your chapters. These chapters are customized billing schedules.

How the members are pay Omegafi 

Some steps are used by the members of omegafi are mentioned:

  1. Check, money order, or cashier check.
  2. VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are used in mobile apps.
  3. Checked the online by phone through the mobile app.
  4. AutoPay, allows the members to schedule automatically from a bank account.
  5. Remittance of payments directly to the chapter’s Treasurer.
  6. The number of money is management options is financially used the information. The mobile-friendly vault application
  7. It is a secure interface developed by “Omegafi exclusively for our client”.

What Is the procedure For the Omegafi Pay Bill?

The chapters are payable through the vault. There are no additional fees. It is very easy to use on-time payments from your chapters, to provide security fraud. These are some benefits include:

  • Proactive notification
  • Leadership informed
  • Important billing
  • The ability to conveniently recur, vendor,
  • Complete financial reporting

What Is The Features Of Omegafi 

These  are features provided via Omegafi include:

  • Facebook integration
  • Resource center
  • Favorite newsfeeds
  • Favorite Picture profile
  • Member account 
  • Mass texting
  • Member search
  • Auto -notification
  • Parents login
  • Polling
  • Google calendar integration
  • Favorite links
  • Chapters roster
  • Easy payment 


The article shows the chapter on vault at any time. It is a simple setup process. The omegafii implementation shows the beginning, middle, or end of the school terms. The omegafi account manager determines the detail of your billing structure. The omegafi is the best way to get income. It is very easy and quick.

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