/t6o6myn36vc: What goes on in Post Production Studios?

/t6o6myn36vc Once the videographer finishes shooting the video, it goes through final touches to finesse it for the intended purpose. Post-production in Atlanta GA involves editing the raw footage to cut unwanted scenes, adding transition effects, work on the visual effects to make the video more appealing, including voice and sound actors and dubbing. It is usually the final step in production companies in Atlanta before the video is coded and distributed. Below, we shall briefly discuss the activities that are carried out in post-production studios in Atlanta.

  1. Editing

The first thing you need to do is pick out and edit the format. There is the traditional way of editing where you splice a video on film equipment, or you could go with the digitized way where you get them scanned to digital format. Whichever is more familiar to you works fine. Get your cinematographer to edit the flow of the video. Atlanta, talent management company, can hook you up with cinematographers who know their way around cutting pictures according to the script in a way that tells a good story. A sound editor needs to come on board to enhance the cinematographer’s work with good sound.

  • Auto Dialogue Replacement

This particular part of editing is where the actors in the video coming back to record audio for the parts that were not captured clearly during shooting. It involves lipsyncing the dialogue to maintain the sound quality throughout the video.

  • Foley

You need to add background noises to the video to make it appear as real and natural as possible. That is what a foley aims at doing. Foley artists are called upon to add these sound effects as appropriate into the video.

  • Music

When it comes to adding music to your video, the absolute don’t is using popular tracks that you have not purchased rights to use. Doing this will undoubtedly attract lawsuits your way, especially if you plan on distributing the video widely. The advisable way to tackle this is getting a musician to records music for purposes of your video, and that way you will have rights to the tracks.

  • M&E

If you intend to distribute your video to foreign countries where they will want the soundtrack in a foreign language, then you need to ensure that this is possible by getting and M&E which stands for music and effects.

  • Trailer preparation

In the cases of films and music videos, a trailer highlights what to expect from the actual video. It builds up the anticipation of the viewers and makes them look forward to the video/film dropping. The decision on whether they want to watch it or not will heavily depend on your trailer.

A lot of work goes into the post-production studios in Atlanta to bring you the best videos. The more sophisticated the video as in the case of 360 video production Atlanta and virtual reality, the more the work that needs to be done to finesse the video.

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