What Considerations Are Necessary Before Putting Wall Stickers?

Wall Stickers

Wall decals can be used for a variety of reasons by homeowners in Singapore. The employment of wall stickers to spruce up a home’s interior design has grown in popularity among modern families. The addition of stickers to the interiors can have a significant impact on the look and feel of the space. Because decal printing Singapore is just cosmetic, these stickers enhance a home’s aesthetics and elevate its overall appearance. It’s not difficult to apply these decals, but you need to be aware of the many aspects that might help you get the best results.


The first and most important consideration before having Singapore stickers installed is whether or not the stickers are compatible with the surface being covered. The application of stickers will be more challenging if the surface is rough and tough. So, make sure that the wall’s texture is soft so that the glue placed will not be readily removed. Take care not to impede the smooth operation of the wall with your choice of decal printing Singapore.

Wall Dimensions

The size of the wall you wish to adorn is the second element to keep in mind. There are a variety of sizes available for these wall decals, so be sure to pick one that doesn’t overcrowd the room. The cost of decal printing Singapore and decorating a huge area is inescapable. In order to save money without compromising the aesthetics of the area, it is recommended that small wall stickers be used. It’s best to acquire these stickers from an internet retailer because there are a lot of options.

Color of the Stickers

Another crucial consideration before applying stickers to your walls is the color of the sticker. Because the color of the walls has such a large impact on the room’s decor, you should take your time selecting them. It’s best to stick with a single color when designing a huge space. You can use a variety of colors to design a limited space.

Take Off The Backing Of The Decal’s Other Sides

There is only a small portion of the decal remaining to remove, as well as the masking tape you previously applied. Still, there is a portion of the piece that has the backing attached to it.

With a dry cloth, gently wipe the area and avoid rubbing it too hard, as this could cause it to become rough. The vinyl decal will not adhere if there are any stray dust or oil particles.

Applying wall decals during the rainy season is bad since the walls will absorb moisture. If the walls were recently painted, allow them to dry for a few days before moving in.

You have applied masking tape, and there is only a small portion of the decal that can now be peeled away, along with what’s left of the decal. Still, there is a portion of the piece that has the backing attached to it.

Creating A Smooth Surface For The Decal

You’ll want to smooth down the decal with a towel once it’s applied. Begin from the center and work outwards. It’s important to use a light touch. Using a squeegee eliminates the need for this step. Unnecessary pressure can permanently damage your decal if it is tampered with.

The Decal Is Applied To New Paint

The decal printing Singapore applying a wall decal to a surface that is unclean, oily, or damp violates the instructions listed above. It’s possible that the decal won’t adhere to those surfaces.

It is recommended that you wait at least fourteen days after painting a wall before applying anything, including the design of your personalized sticker, to the freshly painted surface. Before doing anything new, the moisture content should be let dry off first because this expedition has the potential to develop into a disaster.

There are instances when it appears that the paint has dried, but in reality, it hasn’t. As a result, you’ll have to wait to make sure there’s no moisture in the wall paint.


When you are putting wall decals that are produced to order, you need to keep all of these aspects in mind. You’ll love how these decal printing Singapore and pasting liven up any room. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day by creating a tranquil and relaxing environment. Consider adding a wall decal to your home to give it a new look and to help you remember the good times you’ve had there.

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