Web Design Trends of the Year 2021: The Most Talked About It


The world is moving to digital. As online marketing is vividly characterized as the official form of marketing, web designers and SEO Firms in India have the strenuous task of cutting through the competition. 2020 was the year of advanced Google updates.

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Ever seen a website that accepts guest posts and uses author boxes? How about a website that puts up under-construction pages whenever necessary? Those sites are successful ones. Allow your site to achieve that by following their example.  

As convergence is moving ahead with a mobile-friendly approach, web designers are working hard to create innovative, engaging, corporate, and, more importantly, responsive designs like online marketing. Here in this article, we list out different trends that illustrate the present and future of web design and development:

Let’s begin-

1 . JavaScript Progressive Enhancement

JavaScript is one of the most powerful tools for web designers. This can help you with creating more appealing and interactive documents. The developers this year are engaging more in functional programming, and this proves that JavaScript is still the most compelling and influential medium in web designing.

2.    Voice Search

Voice search can be defined as the future of web searches. It is getting highly significant to incorporate voice searches in your web design. With each passing day, if you are looking for designs that bring about higher user engagement, then Voice searches should be on your list. These are also some of the most popular elements of 2020

3.    Split Screen

Split-screen is trending like fire these days. People are looking for high-quality services and are also willing to pay for them. The split-screen feature is one such element that can escalate your sales and revenue. It is one of the more engaging elements that you would want to consolidate in your design.

4.    Animations and Innovative Scrolling

You could insert some subtle animations that can work as a guide for your website. This delights the visitors and helps in creating more interaction apart from lending a visual appeal. You can use animations with the scrollers or on the Homepage to point to some interesting content. However, make sure that animation does not distract the customers away from the important product or service or create performance issues.

5.    Vector Graphics

Include lightweight vector images that are scalable consistent with your logo, icons, graphics. High-resolution images can take time to load, creating performance issues, but combining them with vector images can render an incredible difference. You can also include a 360-degree view of the image to make it more interesting. You can especially use this tactic with your products.

6.    AI and Chatbots

Most of the websites are now leveraging Google Assistant, Cortana, and similar digital assistants. Major websites are using chatbot services for easier and better communication with the clients, heightening the customer care experience.

7.    Getting Mobile- Responsive

Undoubtedly mobile-first approach is one of the most important connotations of 2020. Google has rolled in many updates defining the same. An accelerated mobile page is one such format that makes it easy to easily develop a bulk of mobile-friendly pages. You can use this resource to design a responsive website and accommodate websites to screens of different sizes. 

8.    Next Generation of Responsive Design

An attractive, responsive design is the most effective way of achieving good UX. There are CSS queries available that provide flexibility to websites to adjust on different devices.

So, these were the website design trends that can make your website attractive and increase your ROI. You can also get in touch with an SEO firm in India to get your website redesigned according to these trends.


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