Tops Ways to Schedule Instagram Posts of Your Brand

Nowadays, Instagram is home to more than five million brands from across the world. However, as a busy social media manager, it can be challenging to maintain consistency in posting to Instagram. This is the reason that scheduling of posts is so essential for a brand looking to make a mark. Learning the ways to plan to post on Instagram would save you crucial time. You can also buy real Instagram followers and schedule your posts for them. 

Switch to a Business Account

In case your profile on Instagram is not related to a business account, convert it to a business one. When you change it to a business account, you can plan to schedule Instagram posts from your profile. Moreover, you also need your brand registered in Facebook to make the switch. On the other hand, if your profile is set to personal settings, the buffer feature would schedule the reminders only. 

Create and Design Your Instagram Content

If you are creating your content for Instagram posts, ensure that you dedicate proper time to it. Thinking ahead would always help you to attract a large number of followers. Your followers are still on the lookout to experience flow and consistency in the posts. This is the reason that you need proper planning while posting on Instagram. Once you have collected all the content, store them in the media library.     

Find the Appropriate Time to Post on Instagram

If you want to have the upper hand over your competitors, you have to find the proper time to post. Optimizing your posting time should be solely based on the preferences of your followers. In other words, you should post the maximum amount of content when your followers are online. Moreover, Instagram nowadays is prioritizing new content in the feeds of people. So always ensure that you are posting something new to Instagram. This would increase the number of your followers.

Planning Your Instagram Feed Properly

After knowing when your audiences are most active, it is time now to plan your feed. Designing the look of your feed is significant as it helps attract more followers. In case your feed is not scheduled, you can buy likes. On the other hand, you can also opt for various planning tools which can keep a tab on your Instagram feed. Your Instagram feed can either make or break your online reputation. Thus immaculate planning is quite crucial. 

Interestingly, Instagram automation is also gaining immense popularity from brands. Instagram automation is paying to have bots like or comment on your follower’s posts. However, in the long run, it is not that effective. Thus, scheduling your posts is a great idea to nurture leads in Instagram. 

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