Top 3 Apps promoted by Hoga Toga

HogaToga has been providing tech news to its users, apart from this they have made quite good apps too. HogaToga is an online mode website that gives you the latest app review information on and latest update app such as, Whats Tracker, Screen Lock, Lens launcher, Apex Launcher app, Live Wallpaper app Screen Lock Restore image/photos recovery, disk digger app, IPL Live, Whatsapp, the latest technology you can find information on these apps with the help of Hoga toga, you can download a lot of good apps on your phone and with such apps that will work for you a lot and very good apps.

Top 3 Apps of Hoga Toga

There are a lot of good apps from Hoga Toga website, from which users can download many amazing apps for free on the smartphones. There are many app provided by HogaToga such as border light app, Whats Tracker, Lens Launcher,

Live Wallpaper App, Screen Lock, Apex Launcher app etc. This site provides free android apps by using apk file, you can download and install an app on any android device through the app. we will give you information about apps let’s see those applications.

Whats Tracker

This is an app from which you can find out who has seen your profile and its also lists whose profile you have seen and saves their information. With the help of this app, you can know who stalked your profile and also know their location. You can also talk to any other WhatsApp user who is around you without asking for their number, iof they stalked you. It is one of the best apps to track your whatsApp.

You can also know the location of those you want to hide your location, you can also go to the settings and hide it, and if you want to log out or delete WhatsApp Tracker account, you can do that you can download this app from the google play store.

Lens Launcher

The Lens Launcher App is an amazing application for android which will get you an Equi-spaced Grid which will displays all of your apps, at one place regardless of screen size or the number of apps you have. On the home screen of your phone you can easily browse the app from the long list of apps. it helps you customize the theme, icons, and folders of your phone. It comes with a Screen locker and you can hide your apps. Not only this you also get Thousands of themes to choose from.

Hoga Toga HD TV For IPL

Hoga Toga says that it provides live watching of IPL on their app. It means you can watch ipl with the help of this app without any subscription. You can watch the match online without any membership and can watch the match on your android phones comfortably. Users can watch the match in HD with the help of this app.

Those who want to watch IPL live on mobile can download the Hoga Toga HD TV IPL app on an android phone. The Hoga Toga portal claims the information on their website, although we haven’t seen any app like this on the play store or its apk. So it might be fake news if not true.

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