Is your paper-based product brochure frozen and austere? Are your printing, storage and shipping costs too high? Can’t reach enough potential customers? The solution: take the plunge and launch your interactive online brochure! This transfer of your products on the web has only advantages and no disadvantages, the proof in 5 points.

An interactive brochure enhances your image

Among the many marketing interests of a digital brochure, the first is undoubtedly the most essential: it will allow you to greatly enhance your image to the readership, attract new Internet users in your direction, and reaffirm your professionalism. With your current customer, provided, of course, that it is well done therefore carried out by a professional.

By launching your product brochure online, you will open up to a wide range of potential consumers. But beware, because Internet users are in constant search of innovation and originality. This is why, in terms of publication on the Internet, we must abandon the classic, frozen document, in favor of an interactive brochure more in line with public expectations.

A digital brochure strengthens your visibility on the Internet

Integrating a digital brochure into your website will help strengthen your visibility in the eyes of search engines: their robots will have new pages to index, and thus Internet users will find you more easily.

And that’s not all, because the use of a quality interactive brochure will push your new, won-over readers to share their discovery with their community, a perfect illustration of the miracles of inbound marketing which will always give you more visibility!

Internet users are fond of interactivity

Simply porting your paper brochure to digital is not enough. Think of newspapers: if it were that simple, wouldn’t it have been enough for editors to publish PDF versions of their articles on their site?

No, Internet users expect something else. They want to be able to consult your brochure from anywhere and on any device (in multi-media), but also to have the opportunity to browse it with ease and ergonomics. An interactive brochure is therefore much more than a banal brochure: it embeds animations, videos, sounds, links, slideshows… and flips through like a real paper magazine!

To get an idea of ​​what is doable in terms of interaction and playfulness with an interactive brochure, take a look at the one for the best online brochure creator, FlipHTML5.

An online brochure will boost your sales

Not only will a digital brochure attract more Internet users, who will be potential customers, but it will also promote your product hierarchy. Indeed, there is no question of creating a 600-page brochure with identical cards repeated everywhere! You need to get to the point, provide smooth navigation, and make sure the reader doesn’t get bored.

This implies not to swing all your stock and to choose with relevance the products that you want to highlight: very selling items, products subject to promotions, etc. Add the integration of e-commerce tools allowing you to create bridges between your pages and your merchant site, and you will have, as an interactive brochure, a real machine to boost your sales!

A way to get to know your customers better

Finally, an interactive brochure has the advantage of integrating very sophisticated statistical analysis tools, which work somewhat in the same way as the instruments offered on e-commerce sites such as marketplaces. By using them, you are able to follow the behavior of your readers and get to know them better:

  • Who is viewing which page?
  • What are the most viewed pages or product sheets?
  • How long an Internet user does spends on such and such a page?
  • What animations or links interest him the most?

So that you can categorize your readers, better target them during your marketing campaigns, and thus retain them – by targeting, in the process, different categories of media (institutional sites, social networks, etc.). All this from your online product brochure!

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