PS5 Restock Updates: Here Are the Possibilities at Amazon, Target, GameStop, and More!

Sony’s latest PS5 is currently making a huge noise in the market as many consumers are trying to buy it. However, many retailers are going out of stock because of the huge demand.

According to CNET, the popular gaming console is currently sold out everywhere at the moment. Although there’s still a chance that you can buy one for yourself, it is really difficult to get since it was just launched a month ago.

Some retailers were able to have the product for a short period. But, the PS5 sold out quickly most of the time. There are still some PS5s available at StockX and eBay.

However, the sellers are offering them at a very expensive price. They even sell it twice and even thrice the original cost.

There are reports stating that some people offer the latest PlayStation 5 for around $400 up to $500. To help you ease the difficulty you’re currently facing, here are the restock updates at Amazon, Target, GameStop, and other online stores and retailers.

Restock updates for PS5

Amazon is currently offering PS5 Digital Edition for $400. The popular online retailer is also selling the PS5 version with Blu-ray for $500.

The Digital Edition of PlayStation 5 is also available in Walmart, which also costs $400. The PS5 with Blu-ray is also available for $500.

Best Buy also offers the PS5 with Blu-ray for the same price as Amazon and Walmart. It is also selling the popular $400 Digital Edition.

Target is also offering the PS5 version with Blu-ray for $500. You can click here to see for information about PS5 restock updates.

Why you can’t easily buy PS5

Screen Rant reported that there are many reasons why many consumers can’t purchase a popular PS5. One of these is because the latest Sony gaming equipment is really hyped up. This means that many players want to get their hands on the latest product, which increases the supply-demand.

Since there is an ongoing pandemic, many manufacturers usually have limited workers. This means that they needed manpower to produce their products. Another reason is the Bots & Scalpers.

Some people are buying huge amounts of PS5. After they receive the items, they will resell them at a very high value. Since the online stocks and in-store supplies are now sold out, you’ll have no choice but to buy them from them.

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