Protect & secure your kids online with FamiSafe app

FamiSafe is the best mobile location tracker app that has parental control features as well. This makes them ideal for parents who are worried about the kid’s safety online. As we know that kids are innocent, they make friends online without knowing the real identity or purpose of friendship. Criminals take advantage of this and search of these innocent minds on the net.

They use social media as a tool so that they can manipulate their mind. Smart parents use parental control app to ensure the safety of kids online. The reason is that kids are vulnerable to many things that are inappropriate for them. They might access porn sites, drug selling websites, sports betting apps that can spoil their innocent mind.

Let us know how FamiSafe app can be used to protect and secure kids online.

  • Track live location of our child: – Some kids are in the habit of bunking their classes and going for a movie in theatre or date with their girlfriends in the park. FamiSafe uses a real-time GPS tracking system that is effective in tracking the live location of kids. Parents who are worried about the security and safety of kids from kidnappers they can use FamiSafe application to ensure safety, especially when they are returning house from school or colleges.
  • Restrict or block adult apps or sites: – Many inappropriate sites are available on the net for kids. If there is no restriction on the kid’s phone, then they may accidentally visit sites like gambling, porn, or casino sites that can change their psychology of the mind. Installing FamiSafe app on kids phone so that parents can restrict so that these sites are inaccessible on kids phone.
  • Stop Suspicious photo sharing: – Blackmailer use fake profile on social media to manipulate the mind of an innocent kid. Kids make friends without even knowing whether the person is real one or is using a fake profile. Taking advantage of this, they start asking for nude images. When kids start giving them, they blackmail them to post it on their social network. To protect our kids from sharing suspicious photos to unknown people, we can use FamiSafe app. This app can notify parents about any such suspicious sharing of photographs, and parents can immediately stop the sharing process or block the recipient from receiving the pictures immediately.
  • Snoop on their social media accounts secretly:- Parents might want to know with whom there are interacting on social media and are their conversation-friendly or in an unfamiliar manner. That is where FamiSafe can be an ideal choice for them because it allows parents to spy on their kid’s social media account without getting noticed about any spying activity. It is because this app can operate on hidden or undetectable mode, which makes it completely invisible on kids smartphone.
  • Finding the lost mobile phone:- Kids are careless at times and might misplace their mobile phones here and there. It becomes challenging to find the location of the phone if the place in which they lose their mobile phones are crowded. That is why using FamiSafe can be a perfect idea as it can find the accurate location of any targeted device and also provides the network or battery status details.

FamiSafe app is cell phone tracker app that is capable of finding accurate position and location of the smartphones. This application is small in size, which consumes less space on kids phone.

Not only it can track live location but can also provide call log details, incoming and outgoing text message notifications and monitor the online activity of kids by granting access to good sites and restricting access to harmful sites. Parents can secure their kid’s life from kidnappers and safe them from any potential threat of child abuse, social bully or cybercrimes that is prominent these days in modern times.

The installation of this application is very simple and does not involve any complicated procedure at all. Once the installation is done successfully on the kid’s smartphones, then parents can easily monitor their online activity from a remote device. Since this application is small in size, it makes extra space for other useful apps on kids phone. FamiSafe is the best way to ensure the safety of kids online.

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