Microsoft Access. Can Your Business Rely on It?

Every business that has used Microsoft Office must have heard about Microsoft Access as well. It is a database system that allows individuals and businesses to capture data and handle it. Users also create reports using the application. However, if you are considering using Microsoft Access for business, you should determine whether you can rely on it? Will Microsoft Access support be available if there is a problem?

Why Do Businesses Consider It?

The straight answer is that it only takes a few minutes to install Microsoft Access. It is ready to be used and is not complicated either. There is no need to learn complicated programming and the average computer user can take advantage of the database.

It can be easily integrated. Windows native application can be readily integrated with Access. It also includes SQL and other databases for tables at the front of the back-end. Maintenance of the application is also simple as compared to the other large database applications.

Access offers significant storage capacity. You can store gigabytes of data using Microsoft Access. It is also available to several users concurrently. Most small business has 8-10 users who can easily connect to the Access application at once.

Importing data in Microsoft Access is easy, and you can quickly gather data in the application in a matter of minutes. There is also a backup solution of the data as Access saves everything. This simplicity of operation has contributed to the popularity of the application amongst the business of small scale.

Small businesses have limited funds and can’t afford to spend a lot of it on the technology alone. Microsoft Access find favours with them like it very affordable compared to the other large database systems in the market. For some, it is free as it is included in the MS Office Suite. Even though many businesses have it, but they are not aware that they can use the application. Cost benefits also play a role when it comes to Microsoft Access support, and there is an issue in the program.

The program can be accessed remotely. It means that the users in a different location can use the application over the remote user access. The database managers use the feature to overlook the application when they are not on-premise.

But There Are Limitations as Well!

  • MS Access is a finite database, and the limits of the database file are reached easily when the data is filled. For large users of data, using the application can put limits where other database programs may not. The reason is that there is a file size limit.
  • Another problem is that all the data is saved into a single file. It slows down the performance of the program. The reports can take minutes to generate, but the queries and forms can cause crashing of issues.
  • Multimedia data is difficult to be incorporated in Microsoft Access. It is because of the file-saving issue. The multimedia data takes up a lot of space. It means a few files can slow down the performance of the database.
  • MS Access is not suitable for data that has to be immediately used or distributed. It would help if you thought of MS Access as a long-term database for mining the data and metric evaluation.
  • If you want to protect the database with extensive database security protocols, the MS Access is not the best option. Avoid the issue by using Access on the front-end of the SQL server.


Once you have decided to start using Access as the prime database application, you should also remain prepared for the issues that might be there. Why not consider taking a professional Microsoft Access support?

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