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Mark Roemer Oakland Explores Houseplants That Bloom in Winter


The winter season can make your room look dull and gloomy. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it’s best to add some natural warmth and vibrancy with blooming houseplants during the gloomy season. Here are some you should consider:

The Plants

1. Anthurium – Anthurium is an amazing houseplant that is great to keep during the winter season, especially during mid-February. It has leaves shaped like hearts and the bright red bloom goes perfectly to set the mood for Valentine’s Day. If you want muted colors, you can also opt for white, lavender, or pink shades of the blooming plant. You don’t need to account for its height either since the plant grows just around 3 feet tall and thrives even under medium light.

2. Hibiscus – Hibiscus is a great houseplant for the winter season since it adds a tropical vibe to your room. However, you need a spacious room to allow its unhindered growth. The flowers can bloom to cover 8 inches in diameter and the plant itself can grow as tall as 6 feet. Hibiscus plants also love sunlight and hence you should keep them beside a large window in your room.

3. African Violet – African Violet is one of the most aesthetically varied plants you can keep in your home. It’s a colorful plant that blooms throughout the year and purple isn’t the only variant it comes in. They do love their fair share of ample sunlight and it’s best to keep them near a windowsill. If you really want the flowers on the plant to pop out, set it on a pot with a contrasting color.

4. Jasmine – When you shut yourself in your cozy warm home during the winter season, you lock out your senses as well. The fragrant jasmine plant in your home would keep you connected to the outdoors and the sweet smell also keeps your room refreshed and maintains a welcoming vibe. However, you need to provide bright or intense light to grow the plant. If you live in an area with less sunlight, consider buying an artificial growing lamp.

5. Gloxinia – Gloxinia is a plant that blooms in late winter and treats you to all its splendor. The bell-like flowers can be as wide as 3 inches and have beautiful contrasting specks of white. Keep them near a window and shut it down if it’s windy. Apart from sunlight they also like warm temperatures and high humidity.  

6. Peace Lily – Peace Lily is an ideal addition to any home whether it’s Christmas or not. You don’t have to do a lot for maintenance, and it doesn’t crave a lot of light. If the glossy leaves weren’t attractive enough, you would be mesmerized by the spoon-shaped almost fashion-engineered white flowers. However, you want to keep them high out of reach of pets and kids since they are poisonous when eaten.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you bring these plants to your home and add color, nice fragrance and change the aesthetics of your home during the gloomy winter.

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