Mark Roemer Oakland Examines Why Titanium Parts Are Becoming Popular


People often associate titanium as one of the strongest metals on Earth. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the unique strengths of the metal such as its high strength and high resistance makes it suitable for use in the military, aerospace, and medical industry. It is also used for developing chemical plants, naval vessels, and much more.

The Explanation

Given below are a few reasons why titanium parts are becoming popular:

1. High strength – Titanium has the highest intensity-density ratio compared to any other metal. Thus, titanium parts are extremely durable and strong. In fact, it is far superior to steel because even while being as strong as steel it can weigh 45% less. Due to having the best strength-to-weight ratio than any other metal, it is extensively used in the aerospace industry and for building structural frames. Due to its superior strength, it also offers better ballistic resistance than any other metal.

2. Corrosion resistance –  The manufacturing of titanium has become popular because it is highly resistant to corrosion when compared to other types of metals. Even when handling it in a wet and high-heave corrosion environment, it doesn’t accidentally fracture and leave cache. And, when it comes into contact with air, the surface of the metal forms a layer of oxide which cannot be penetrated by other materials easily. This develops an anti-corrosive layer and makes the metal suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

For instance, it is suitable for developing parts for marine projects or buildings where it would be constantly exposed to seawater and rain.

3. Low thermal expansion – Titanium has low thermal expansion which helps to sustain its original shape even when subjected to extremely high temperatures. This is a pretty useful property for any metal to have as it results in less errors when manufacturing parts. Compared to steel, it expands almost 50% less which allows it to maintain better structural stability.

4. Non-toxic – Unlike metals such as iron, steel, and aluminum, titanium is not toxic to humans or even animals as it is bio-compatible. This fact makes it a suitable material for producing dental implants and replacing broken bones.

5. High-melting point – Titanium has a high melting point of about 1668ºC which makes it a perfect material for building parts that need to be resistant to heat such as satellites, foundries, and even turbine jet engines.

6. It can be fabricated quite easily – Titanium is a ductile and relatively soft metal which makes it possible to easily machine and fabricate it. Thus, it is possible to create a diverse range of metal components and parts using titanium. Even without a flux agent, titanium can be seam welded or welded in the open air. In fact, it is not necessary for the weld zone to contain any other protection.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that although titanium has a lot of advantages, it also has a few disadvantages. For instance, due to its rarity, it is much more expensive than other common metals such as steel.

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