Living With Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory illness that can strike anyone, anytime in their lives. In this condition, the air passageway in the body remain in a perpetual state of inflammation. The body also produces excess mucus as well.

When the asthmatic people are in the presence of certain triggers, their airway can get even more swollen. This narrowing of the airways causes breathing difficulties, wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest. Living with asthma is not easy especially in the old age and thus, extra care is required for your loved ones. With the help of online pharmacies you can get your medication delivered at your doorstep for free.

Many a times, the asthma attack is so severe that patients need to be rushed to facilities with emergency care available, like General Hospital Lahore, as they can even die if not given immediate medical care.

Causes of asthma

While the exact causes of asthma are unknown, some people have a higher risk of getting this condition. Children who are exposed to allergies early on their childhood before their immune system has fully developed run the risk of having asthma.

Moreover, children who have exposure to cigarette, even in the womb, are more likely to have asthma. Certain children suffering from bronchiolitis also have the propensity towards developing this condition. Similarly, genetics also plays a role as people with family history of this condition are predisposed to smoking is extremely bad getting it.

Unfortunately, this asthma cannot be prevented or cured.

Managing asthma

Despite the risks of the disease, it is possible to live a healthy live with asthma; it just needs to be managed well!

Know your triggers

Different people have different triggers that make their asthma worse, but there are some commonly ones that patient needs to watch out for. Irritants like chemicals, pollen, smoke, mold cause the asthma to become worse.

Respiratory infections like flu etc. also make the condition worse. Weather is also known to aggravate the symptoms of the disease. Certain medications like anti-inflammatory drugs are also common asthma trigger. Moreover, emotions like stress and laughter also lead to the asthma attack as well.

People suffering from asthma then need to avoid these triggers and incase the exposure is incorrigible, they should be prepared with the prophylaxis.

Be on top of your medications

Using the inhaler and tablets daily, or as prescribed by the doctor, are pertinent to manage the symptoms of the condition. Patients should not change their dosage of the medicine on their own but confer with the doctor first.

Moreover, not just asthma medicines, the patients should beware of any other medicines they take just in case it interferes with their asthma medications. Some medicines can also aggravate the symptoms as well, hence, be sure let the doctor know about your condition so that they can write the prescription accordingly.

Smoking is not allowed at all

Smoking is extremely bad for the respiratory health, but even worse for people who have asthma. Cigarette causes irritation in the bronchial tube, hence irritating the already sensitive airways.

 Even exposure to the secondary smoke can lead to aggravation of the symptoms. Hence, asthmatic should not ever experiment with smoking and keep away from smoking areas.  

Vaccinations can be helpful

Respiratory health is also very delicate matter for the asthmatic people. Hence, any ailment of the respiratory system like flu or pneumonia can be rather hard for the patients suffering from asthma.

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They should thus get flu shots and vaccination for pneumonia to avoid these illnesses so that they are able to manage asthma and their health, better.

Cater to your mental health

Stress causes all sort for problems for the mental and the physical health for everyone but is especially bad for asthmatic people. Anxiety and stress leads to breathing difficulties and can even trigger an attack.

The patient should then address their mental health as well to deter the aggravation of the symptoms of this disease. Yoga and meditation are very effective for treating anxiety. Reducing stress from life, positive thinking, surrounding yourself with your loved ones and counseling are other ways to curb high stress levels.

Learn and identify the signals of your body

Knowing and understanding the changes and signals in the body helps in managing asthma. If the patient is experiencing shortness of breath, having difficulty sleeping due to breathing problems, wheezing and coughing, their body is signaling for help.

Remedying these signals helps to prevent a full-blown asthma attack. Using medicine or inhaler at this point usully is effective.

However, certain symptoms are indicators of an emergency situation. These include fast breathing, trouble walking and talking, flared nostrils etc. In this case, immediately get the patient to a hospital like Surgimed Hospital Lahore for timely medical intervention.

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