Know About Some Famous American Celebrity and Their Family

Know About Some Famous American Celebrity and Their Family

American celebrities including film stars and players are always in the limelight. They are very open-minded to share their life on social media or in public. Whereas they are always showing their partner or children to the public. Even their children are going to be famous for their parents. We, people, are always dedicated to knowing about a celebrity’s personal life, their partners, or their children. There are so many celebrities who did not show off their family or children. In this article, we will discuss some famous American celebrities and their families.

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Tom Brady:

 Tom Brady is a famous football quarterback of America and was the greatest quarterback (2001-2019) of all-time. He dated Bridget Moynahan from 2004 to 2006 but after then he broke up with her. But in 2007 Bridget confirmed that she was pregnant and in August of 2007, she gave birth the 1st baby boy named john edward thomas moynahan. After that Tom was in a relationship with Gisele Bundchen and married her in 2009. In 2012 they had a daughter Vivian Lake.

Will Smith:

Actor Will Smith and Actress Jada Pinkett have two kids who were already successful at a young age. From the young age of Jaden, their son has played many roles with his dad in many movies. Some famous movies are After Earth, The Pursuit of Happiness. Jaden also did The Karate Kid as a lead hero with Jackie Chan. Willow also acted with her dad in the movie, I am Legend for more details click here instagram followers.


Vincent Kartheiser and Bledel met on the Mad Men set and became in a relationship. They also worked in many TV shows. In 2014 they were married without knowing anyone and in 2016 she gave birth to her first child.

Morgan Miller and Bode:

Morgan Miller and Bode have the most beautiful family. In 2021 they welcomed their 6th child. They welcomed the baby girl on 26th November in 2021 with their sons Nash, Asher, Aksel, Easton. However, the family lost their daughter Emeline when she was just 19 months old.

Megan Fox:

In 2004 Megan dated Brian Austin Green and the couple met on the Hope and Faith set. They married on 24th June in 2010 and they have three beautiful sons. In 2012 fox gave birth their 1st child Noah Shannon, in 2014 the couple welcomed their 2nd child bodhi ransom green and in 2016 they welcomed their 3rd child, Journey River Green.

Dwayne Jonson:

The famous American Hollywood superstar Dwayne Jonson married Lauren Hasian. Before that he married Danny Garcia. Danny and Dwayne had one baby named Simon. With Lauren, Johnson welcomed two children. In 2015 they welcomed Jasmine who just looked like young Zendaya. In 2018, they welcomed their second child Tiana.

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Rob Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff:

The famous Hollywood celebrity Rob and his wife Sherly Berkoff who is a jewellery designer celebrate their 30th marriage anniversary this year. The famous and loveable couple have two sons: John who is a writer and actor and another child Matthew who is a lawyer.

Stevie Wonder:

The most popular singer Stevie Wonder has 9 children. He had 2 children with his 1st wife, Yolanda Simmons and the name of the children are Aisha Morris and Keita Morris. In 1983 Melody and Stevie welcomed Mumtaz Morris. After that he had a son Kwame and daughter Sophia but the mother of the children is unknown. In his second marriage, he welcomed two children. And with his current wife he has two children.


There are other too many celebrities whose family or children’s names are unknown to us. But we hope that this article will bring you the proper information about American celebrities.

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