Iron-on or sewing patch the right customization plana

To be sewn or fused, the badge is ideal for customizing an overly simple garment and thus bringing a personal touch! This accessory is not reserved for children, the proof.

In embroidered clothes, you dream of launching your turn in the customization of the too-simple parts of your dressing room and adding a little fantasy. Only you and needlework make 2 … Don’t panic, we have the miracle solution: iron-on badges. This trend straight from the 90s is back in force in the DIY universe and is aimed at DIY enthusiasts as well as novices. If there is a beginner DIY  this is it.

Iron-on patches how to use it?

Nothing could be easier to heat-seal a badge, just

Position the badge on the textile support you wish to customize

Place a sheet of parchment paper or a cloth on the patches before ironing with the hot soleplate of the iron set to the maximum temperature supported by the fabric (do not activate the steam option).

Iron for about 30 seconds so that the patch adheres well to the fabric.

And there you have it; all you have to do is let the patch now stick to the garment cool. But sewing could be easy if you choose the right one under budget so get one sewing machine under $50 which can help you to customize the things

Child’s play

To customize a material that does not iron or is difficult, you can sew it or glue it with suitable glue. And if you want to make your badge a brooch to adapt it to all your clothes, then attach a metal clip behind it.

Iron-on patch various patterns

Much easier and faster than embroidering patterns, fusing a patch is the ideal alternative to embroidery! Especially since there are many patterns of iron-on badges that are perfectly illusive. French fries cone, flower, fox perched on skis, heart, sea anchor, cactus and many other fun patterns and messages are embroidered on badges for our greatest pleasure! You just have to choose yours. Flower embroidery for you in less than 2 minutes!

Here are some addresses to help you in the quest for the iron-on badge that will bring a touch of fantasy to your clothes: Pretty Mercerized, La petite epicure, Peerless & Co, Macon and Lesquoy, A little mercerie, Ma petite mercerize, Cocoa Rosalie.

The last argument and not the least to make you succumb to the trend of iron-on badges: its price which varies between 1 and 10 €. A very simple and inexpensive DIY for a Wahoo result! Fox ski badge. Embroidered badges to find at Pretty Mercerize.

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