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Slow internet is a curse for every user. The fastest connection is the symbol of advanced technology. Slow internet is a time consuming and not so helpful. No one would be happy before watching favorite video loading. There are many strong reasons for lower internet connection.

But with some simple correction and modification, someone can easily boost the internet connection. In this article, we will know the proper way to speed up the poor internet connection. Before going any further, login to your router by placing the default IP instead of 192.168.0.l. So, let’s get deep into the article.

Upgrade internet connection

For personal use, we try to use a lower internet plan. So, it is hard to find the best speed through WIFI. Also, a higher internet plan can give a lot of data transfer capability. This will help to gain fast internet speed.

Suppose you have a 2mbps internet connection. And you have 5 active WIFI devices connected. So, every device will get only 0.4mbps speed. For a Smartphone, this speed is nothing but a waste of time.

On the other hand, if your internet plan is 10mbps then all the 5 devices will get 2mbps internet speed.

So, upgrading the internet plan is the priority of fast internet speed.

Purchase new router

Older routers are not capable of giving the best wireless service. In this modern time, wireless technology is use services like ADSL 2+, WPA/WPA2. If your router doesn’t support that kind of service then you will gel a slow and insecure connection.

So, for better speed purchase new and modern routers that support modern technology.

Virus problem

As a Windows user, we all know that viruses are a reason for slow internet and computer. They live in the computer or mobile memory and drain bandwidth for their existence. So if you encountered with slow internet connection then scanning your device.

A virus and malware-free device will ensure the best internet connection.

Upgrade router firmware

Older firmware is not capable of getting smooth signals. So, they take little speed and produce low speed. Upgrading the router firmware will give the best ability to the router.

With every update, the router manufacturers fix software bugs for the router. And add more and more features. For doing that, you have to go to instead of 192.168.0.l IP. And in the administration tab, you will find the process. So, updating the firmware is a good practice.

Check Ethernet cable

Internet connection speed mostly depends on cable. If the cable is not capable of receiving and sending big data then the internet speed will be slow. Sometimes the filter is also getting damaged; this is also another reason for slow internet connection. Although this depends on the ISP. But in the time of setting a connection, you clear the needs of yours.

There are lots of ways to boost internet connection speed CenturyLink internet. You will get plenty of tools for doing your job. But you can reduce time and money only following above mentioned process. And you can easily do that with the default router login.

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