HR Consulting Firm 101 – Back to the Basics!

HR Consulting

A consulting firm or a consultancy is a service providing business, comprising of a complete panel of consultants or experts. They offer professional advice to any organization or person at a specific cost.

A consultant of any HR Consulting firm is defined as an individual who is adept in the human resources management field. He/She is a well-qualified and experienced person who can solve the problems of the company’s clients.

A consultancy firm assists the executives of the company and provides them with industry specialist consultants. These consultants use their expertise to enhance their business with proper administration and management strategies.

Types of HR Consulting Firms

There are many types of consulting firms working all over the world. They provide their services to corporations and the business community alike.Consulting companies like HROptions.comenhance the business of their clients by implementing strategic human resource initiatives.

These consulting firms work in different sectors and industries. Some of the different types of consulting firms are given below:

  1. Architecture firms
  2. Engineering firms
  3. Financial sector
  4. Health care sector
  5. Hospitality sector
  6. Human Resource firms
  7. IT firms
  8. Regulatory Compliance
  9. Environment Conservation Companies
  10. Real Estate Companies
  11. Recycling Plants and Industries
  12. Entertainment Industry
  13. Political Campaigns
  14. PR Companies, among others.

Business Consultants

In all of these consultation firms, a variety of consultants provide their services by helping people with their businesses. There are six basic types of consultants addressing the various departments of a company.

  1. Strategy Consultant
  2. Management Consultant
  3. Operations Consultant
  4. Financial Advisory Consultant
  5. Human Resource Consultant
  6. Information Technology Consultant.

All of these consultants’ work in coordination with each other and make an effective strategy for running a business successfully.

Consultancy of HR Services

Today many Human Resource Management companieswork to enhance their client’s business by developingand sometimes implementing smart strategies.

These strategies allow firms to hire and retain the best employees. They do this by providingfirms with expert consultants. These experts first study the initial HR set up and then design a strategy accordingly.

Almost every company has employees and therefore requires an efficient employee management system. Hence, HRServices’providers offer operational, strategic, and tactical solutions.

These HR companies provide comprehensive support to address any Human resource management needs, be they on-site or off-site services. Some of the services that such professional HR companies offer are:

  1. HR compliance
  2. HR projects
  3. Performance management
  4. Policy development and implementation
  5. Benefits set up
  6. Administration of Staff
  7. Recruiting and selection
  8. Business Process Outsourcing
  9. Information Technology Services and Solutions
  10. Pre-Employment Screening
  11. Executive Research
  12. Wage and hour compliance
  13. Employee handbook creation
  14. Leave administration
  15. Termination
  16. On-boarding and off-boarding
  17. Payroll administration
  18. Training and Development
  19. Outsourced Accounting
  20. Facilitate change management and many more.

Benefits Offered by Human Resource Firms

There are hundreds and thousands of consultations firms that are working worldwide and serving numerous industries. Human Resource Administration and Management services offered by them are useful for companies large and small alike.

From helping their clients hire and retain the best human resource to directly implementing business-enhancing strategies, these HR and business management firms are high in demand.

Many of them specialize in their conceivable expertise and niche. Some of the benefits offered by them according to the industry they work in are:

  1. Establishing a reliable relationship with benefit broker
  2. Annual open enrollment
  3. Academic Counseling
  4. Benefit on-boarding
  5. Employee communication
  6. Administration of benefit plans
  7. Interface with payroll relating to benefits
  8. On-call support for employees
  9. Adding/terminating dependents
  10. Claim process
  11. Payroll/leave interface

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