How Today’s Latest TV Is Different From Traditional TVs

Over the past 100 years, televisions have come a long way. What began as an electronic tool to communicate and educate, slowly evolved into a means to do much more, only a couple of decades later. 

Latest TVs come with internet, 4k resolution, and display screen size so huge that they can take up entire rooms. 

Innovations and advancements have fuelled the development of the latest smart TVs. This progress also resulted in the massive popularity of Samsung, LG, TCL, One plus, MI 32 inch led TVs amongst the newtv buyers as they offer users, even more, features and a better experience than traditional LED models.  

But what are the main differences between the latest smart TVs and regular LED TVs?

Smart TV

The standard LED TVs of today come with various features that Smart TVs have. But, the one crucial factor that sets them apart is an internet connection.

The Smart televisions come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi connections and Ethernet ports that allow them to connect to the internet. Wirelessly connecting to the internet is enough for most smart TV users, but considering the Ethernet connection could be a great idea if you plan on doing things like streaming games. 

From enjoying the latest web series or live sports games or 4k action movies, streaming content from various service providers to browsing on the actual web, you can do them all with your smart TV.

The Power of streaming content Apps

The majority of the users with smart televisions don’t use their smart TV to surf the web. Instead, they use their internet connection to take maximum advantage of the massive number of apps that smart televisions are compatible with. 

From Hotstar to HBO, YouTube to Spotify, you get access to all of the excellent and trending streaming platforms around. As long as you have subscriptions to these streaming platforms, you’ll find your smart television to be highly convenient. 

Apart from the standard apps, many TV companies offer different app stores in their smart TVs. From there, users can quickly access an enormous number of free and paid apps. 

Different Operating Systems

An internet connection is an integral part of a smart TV to make your life more comfortable. But then again, there is no single approach to “being smart.” Like with the standard LED TVs, there are vast numbers of various operating systems and different brands.

LG and Samsung are two popular options, and both of these television giants come with their signature operating systems: WebOS and Tizen. Plenty of options are available in the market, which can seem a bit overwhelming, but can be confusing for some users. 

The Same set of Rules

While a Smart television does come bundled with many excellent features, the same set of rules applies when purchasing one. This means knowing the television’s hardware you’ll be adding to your home is not just important but very much the same, just like picking a traditional LED tv.

Before purchasing your smart television, make sure that the television you are getting for your home has all of the necessary ports to connect the smart TV with your other devices for a complete and hassle-free setup.

Be it the speaker output, number of speakers, display screen panel type, refresh rate, screen resolution, pixel density, number of HDMI ports, USB ports, and types, Bluetooth, Ethernet port, headphone, and mic jack in port. You need to check them all as per your requirement.

Correct Size

Most of the best-selling and popular smart televisions fall somewhere between 32 and 55 inches. Bigger screen sizes are available, but the average user doesn’t need a very small or too big tv. 

To find the correct TV screen size for your home, first, you need to recognize how far away you or your family will be sitting while watching the smart TV.

Make sure your smart television also has a high resolution, good pixel density, and decent refresh rate; this will make everything look clear and crisp on your TV. 

Privacy and Safety

As with any electronic product that connects to the internet, you need to keep your privacy and safety in mind while using online services. If you’re not cautious, scammers or hackers can steal your critical data. We strongly suggest, enjoy your smart TV only on a private and protected internet connection. This will save you from people trying to steal or access your personal information.

If you are in the market looking for a good Samsung, LG, TCL or mi 32 inch led tv for your home; it is vital and advisable to know your requirements and options before making the purchase. Use this guide as a simple and easy tool to understand the difference between a smart TV and regular LED TV and their several qualities. A traditional television might be cheaper, but you get more features and a better experience with a smart TV. Budget constraints?

The Smart way of purchasing your smart TV

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