How to Vape on a Budget 


Like most things in life, if you really enjoy something, then you will be happy to spend money on vape. If you decided to stop smoking in favor of vaping to save money, you might be on the lookout for ways to save further.

With the cost of living also on the rise, it’s essential to look at your finances and work out areas to save pennies. Here are a few hacks you can start with to help you budget while vaping. 

1. Choose a simple kit 

The more advanced your vaping kit, the more expensive it will be. For some people who are very passionate about vaping, this is not something they can pass on. However, if you’re starting out or your need to save money is more important than the device you use, this is an excellent way to budget. You can still have a satisfying vape with several features, just at a lower price. 

Another benefit of having a less expensive kit is that it will also require less power to charge it, so you can reduce the costs of charging an electrical device too. 

2. Shop in sales 

Who doesn’t love a sale? You can get incredible bargains from your favorite items when sale hunting, and it’s a great way to stock up and save money at the same time. If you plan well, you can even use the sales as a means of consistently paying less – there’s often a sale at key times of the year, so you can always find a bargain somewhere. Checking out clearance sales is another hack where you can find reduced vapes or juices. 

There are also platforms and internet software, such as Honey, that search the internet for promo codes when checking out online, meaning you can save even when you don’t expect to.

3. Bulk buy and save each time

Tying into shopping in sales is bulk buying. This is particularly useful once you understand your vaping habits; how much juice you need each month, what flavors you prefer, and how many coils you use on a weekly and monthly basis. With this key data, you can stock up each month, ideally in a sale, too, and save yourself time and money. Lots of websites, such as Red Juice, run regular promotions and delivery deals, so definitely hop on this money-saving hack as soon as you can. 

4. Get the right nicotine strength 

This is a small but significant difference between spending hundreds each month as a vaper and saving. If you’re a heavy smoker looking to switch to vaping, it’s recommended you choose a higher strength of around 18-20mg. This is because you’ll need to vape considerably more if the strength is too low for your needs. You’ll end up buying more juice due to it being used up so quickly. 

However, if you’re more of a casual smoker or trying to cut down, choosing a lower strength will save you money and satisfy your cravings. 

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