How To Start Preparation for IAS Exam?


IAS exam is considered to be one of the toughest exam among all the exams held in the country. Without proper knowledge about the things related to the exam, it is very difficult to clear it. There are so many coaching centers in a city that guide the student for this exam. But many of the institutes give the best online coaching for ias to the students who are from distant places and they are not able to come to the city for the coaching. If a student has decided to go in this field and is willing to appear for the exam, he needs to follow the tips that will prepare him mentally which will surely help him in the exam.

Basically, these tips are the type of routine he needs to follow as proper schedule only will help in clearing this exam. Let’s have a look at it.

  • Prepare yourself: Before taking any sort of coaching, make your mind for the exam. As it is rightly said wherever there is a will there is away. This will of the person will make the way for clearing the exam. Set short terms goals that will end to the major goal that is clearing the exam. First of all, devote plenty of time to understanding the syllabus and exam pattern of the exam. The candidate can follow the official website for the details and should be in constant touch for more updates related to the exam.
  • Make time table: If you are working or you have dropped a year for appearing in the exam. In all these cases you need to have a proper time table that should be followed with full efforts. If you are working, you can take a break from work when the exam is near. Make a proper schedule of the syllabus that is to be covered every day. Fix the time duration that is to be spent every day for each of the subjects. This will help in a thorough revision of the entire syllabus.
  • Know the syllabus well: Efforts without knowing anything well are all waste. Have a thorough review of the syllabus and according to that buy the study material. Get access to the best online classes for ias where you will be provided with the best guidance, details, and tricks that will help in clearing the exam.
  • Newspaper reading: This is the most important thing that is to be done by the candidate who wants to prepare for the exam. The knowledge of the current affairs is very important as the exam has the portion that is all about the current affairs within the country and outside the country. Reading newspapers will help you prepare for this section. So this should also be considered as the part of study material. And if prepared well, it will help you to score the maximum marks from the general knowledge portion.

So all these tips will help you to achieve the main goal that is to clear the IAS exam.

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