How to Move WhatsApp From iPhone to Android?


If you are someone who has recently switched from an IOS device to Android, the most frustrating thing is to copy the previous WhatsApp data. Whatsapp is something on which we rely too much nowadays, the conversational data can also be used as proof for future arguments and also essential. Moving Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Android might seem to be an unbelievable task as they are developed on totally different platforms but it is possible.

This is a major problem as many executives pass through this procedure and ultimately consider it a time-consuming task so result in losing essential data. We are also getting queries about how to transfer WhatsApp files between Android and iPhone whether it is messages and saved filers. Even the Whatsapp official backup doesn’t support cross-platform, as you don’t restore backup generated by IOS to android Switchers then start looking for the best alternative to complete WhatsApp transfer and even willing to pay for the restoration of the data.

What are the advantages of Dr.Fone-WhatsApp Business?

The term reliability is what comes with the trademark “Wondershare” that is attached to Dr.Fone. It is the creation of Wondershare and is a full packaged tool to get the device to device data transfer including Whatsapp Business transfer and is cross-platform compatible.

The main advantage of using Dr.Fone – WhatsApp Business is that it is easy to use and provides an instant transmission depending on the technology being used.

Advantages of using Dr.Fone:

  • Transfer Between cross-platforms: As it is cross-platform compatible, you don’t have to be worried about getting your essential WhatsApp history lost when changing to a newer phone.Like switching from iPhone to Android.
  • Backup to local device: You can also backup your WhatsApp messages and data on your PC. It’ll greatly help you save storage for newer data on your phone and keep the data safe on your hard disk. Rather than creating an online backup as it will take time to store, just store the backup on a local PC and restore it anytime you want
  • Easy to Use Interface: This app is designed to be used without any complicated options. The minimalistic design with embedded GUI buttons makes it easier for the user to use it.
  • Higher Transfer Rate: The transfer rate is basically based on which technology is being used but it also depends on which programmatical approach is being practiced to transfer the bytes as better the algorithms the better the transfer rate which is featured by Dr.fone – Whatsapp Transfer

WhatsApp business is one of the essential things for your business to have a higher reputation rate. You can even transfer data between WhatsApp business and WhatsApp by using some steps. But it is required to back up the important data using Dr, Fone so as to be restored in case of data loss.

How to use ICloud/Google Backup to transfer Whatsapp data from IOS to Android?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. As the official version of WhatsApp on android works on the google backup while the IOS version only restores data from the iCloud.That’s why it is not possible in this way. So, what’s the ideal technique or approach to get your essential WhatsApp business history transferred between cross-platforms? The answer to this question is discussed below. 

However, the good news is that we already have done the complicated job for you filter out some of the techniques for which you can easily swap WhatsApp data between various devices, So, By using these methods, it’ll become easy for you to filter out the essential details.

Let’s see how to do WhatsApp transfer from iPhone to Android using Dr.fone- Whatsapp Transfer.

Step-By-Step procedure to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android using Dr.fone

Credit: Wondershare

Dr.fone  by Wondershare is an ultimate data transfer tool used greatly to transfer WhatsApp messages from different devices and to help the new switchers to break through the shell of frustration and have their important messages back as it is on their new smartphone. 

The focal point of choosing Dr.fone -Whatsapp Transfer is that it is reliable, fast, and provide a convenient UI, With just one click, backup of WhatsApp immediately starts and saved on your local storage. You can also view the WhatsApp data on your PC because moving it to a new device.

Let’s have a look at different steps evolving to transfer WhatsApp from IOS to Android:

Step1: Download Dr fone and Install It on your PC

Dr fone downloading is completely free for the windows, just download it using any downloader manager. Setting up Dr Fone is as simple as ABC.

After clicking the download button you’ll prompt a message whether to save the Dr fone full setup file in your pc, save it. After completing the installation it’s time for you to install this awesome software by following up simple next-to-next instruction.

Once you finished setting up your PC for Dr Fone, now it’s time to copy your essentials details from the business WhatsApp to your PC.

Step 2:Select the Backup&Restore option

From the homepage interface of the Dr.fone App, select the backup& Restore option, and wait for the installation. It might take several minutes but is essential to transfer WhatsApp from ios to android.

Step 3:Connect your iPhone and Android Device to the PC

After launching the program, connect both of your devices via USB ports. Tap on the trusted user popup on the phone to establish synchronization between phones and software.

Step 4: Tap to Transfer

After establishing a trusted connection between all of the three devices PC, iPhone and Android, Tap the transfer button to immediately transfer your important WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android, It might take a several seconds depending on the size of the data but don’t worry Dr. Fone provides a reliable and faster connection.

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