How to choose the best quality cigar

First time in your life you walk into a cigar shop you will have a thousand options to choose from. Electronic cigar humidor have carved a niche for themselves because of the quality of the pleasure they give to a man.The question still remains how will you choose the best cigar to enjoy?

If you go to a new shop to buy a cigar, make sure that you break down your selection process into based on these two ways:-

  1. First of all, you will choose your cigar looking at its tobacco type, shape, size.
  2. Then you look for the quality of the product.

We will explain the complete process here.

Taste: – The taste of your cigar is almost like the taste of your beer. There is a wide range of cigars in the market just like a variety of beers. It was found that if a guy likes strong beer he also likes a strong cigar. And if you like light beers go for a light cigar. You’ll need to experiment with different types to choose the most suitable for yourself.

Size: – The size of a cigar has nothing to do with its taste or strength. If a cigar is longer or broader it doesn’t mean that it is stronger. The size of a cigar can be measured in two ways one by its length and the other by its width. The size of a cigar only determines how long the smoke lasts.

Shape: – Basically there are two shapes in cigars. One is Parejos and the other is Figurados. Paros is the cigar that is of a classic shape. Most of the cigars are manufactured in this shape only. In this kind of cigars, one end is closed which is needs to be cut and the other side is open.

It is usually round in shape. On the other side, Figurados are bullet-shaped in one end. This of cigars basically closes at a point it gives the smoke a different flavor.

The main role here is the quality of the electronic cigar humidor. The above-mentioned features are simply for the look of the cigar those don’t really but what matters is the quality of the product. You will get both good and poor quality products of all shapes and sizes.

The cigar must have a uniform color all over it. Refuse the product if the color is darker at spots and lighter at some other part. Such cigars are usually the defected ones.

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