How to change your Name On Facebook

If you want to know about the Facebook policies regarding changes in User Name. This article will help you in finding the answer to every query related to the user name whether its page name, Profile name, or any Group name.

As Fb does not have strict rules and policies for this change, there are many things which one should follow.

Whatever the reason behind this update user should keep the following thing in his mind to change his name:

  • Use your nickname or real name.
  • You don’t have permission to use pseudo names.
  • You can not use symbols, numbers,s or special characters.
  •  You can not use any inappropriate words, phrases, or titles.
  • Once you change your profile name, you can not change it again immediately for at least 60 days.

Steps To Change Facebook Username:

  • Open the Fb page and log in to your account with your username and password.
  • Click the icon in the top right corner of the page, in the dropdown menu go into the settings section.
  • Here are general account settings, In the settings window, you can see the username.
  • Here in the top right corner click the Edit icon and now you can change your first, last, and middle name.
  • You can change your name, after updating your username you have to enter the password and click save changes.
  • Your new name will appear after saving or it may take up to 24 hours to change.

change Username on Facebook on your phone:

You can change your Fb username on Android in a very simple way just do these steps:

  • Open the Fb app on your android device.
  • Tap three horizontal lines in the top right of the Fb.
  • Tap pages from the given options.
  • You can see the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Click Page Info > Name.
  • Enter your name and click Review Change.
  • Use your Fb password to Save Changes.

Change Your Facebook username on iPhone:

  • Open Settings > General at the right.
  • Click the Edit option available here next to the username.
  •  Type your New username then click the Save Changes button.

Change Facebook Page Name:

Channing the FB page name means to change the Title of your Facebook Business Page which shows under your profile photo. Changing your page name will not change the URL of your business page.

Not everyone can change the name of the Fb page only the admin can request, and Fb will approve new names. You may get a rejection, so you should read the Business Page name guidelines before requesting.

Here are some rules an admin should follow to successfully change  his page name:

  • Page names must accurately reflect the Page.
  • Only licensed representatives can supervise a Page for a brand, place, organization, or public figure.
  • If you are not a  brand, place, organization, or public figure, never use the word “official”.
  • Never use all capital letters in your Name
  • Avoid Symbols (example: ® ) or extra punctuation.
  • Never use terms that abuse or violate someone’s rights.
  • You can use only 75 characters in your Page name, characters limit should not exceed.
  • Always use your page About section to insert Descriptions or slogans.
  • Generic words (example: Burgers). Pages must be managed by official representatives of the topics they’re about.
  • Use Generic geographic locations (example: Pakistan). you can make a Page for an organization that represents a geographic location. For example, “New York City – Mayor’s Office” is an acceptable Page name.

Way to change Facebook BusinessPage Name:

  • From your FB News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  • Go to your Page tab and click Page Settings on the bottom left.
  • OpenPage Info.
  • Click Page’s name.
  • Type a new Page name and click away from the page name box.
  • Now the admin can review his request and click the Request Change button.

Change your Facebook page name without losing followers:

  • Review Facebook’s page name standards.
  • Click in the top right of Fb, select Settings.
  • Click Name.
  • Type your name, and click Review Change.
  • Enter the password, and click Save Changes.

You can change your Business Page name once every 7 days. Your new page name will take up to 3-7 days to review, so be sure to start the process early to the announcement of brand launches.

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