How to change your iOS GPS Location?

So how to change your IOS GPS location?  I am going to tell you about changing iOS GPS joystick  and its location. Most of us find problems while changing location. Worry less. Let me figure out the solution for you about changing iOS GPS location from iphone or android.

This topic is so common that you couldn’t find a proper solution instantly. But I have a solution to change iOS GPS location on iphone or android by using Dr.fone. Here, you will arise a question about Dr.fone. I will tell you about it’s features.


Step 1: First of all, you have to install dr.fone app or apk on your iphone or android. For this, go to play store on your iphone or android.

Step 2: Tap on search tab and write dr.fone and click on search button.

You can find this app on play store as well as you can download it’s apk from google chrome.

Step 3: After finishing search, you have to tap on dr.fone and click again to install on your iphone or android.

Step 4: Wait for a while. When installation is complete. Open the app and go to your whatsapp.

Step 5: Now, open the chat for which you want to change the location. As well as you can change your whole location by tapping on whatsapp settings and see the update location.

Step 6: After changing your location, you can have your satisfaction by asking a friend or cousin that either your location has been changed or not.

That’s all. These are the steps which are mentioned above just follow and you will have dr.fone on your android or iphone. If you want apk of dr.fone just go to google chrome and type  dr.fone apk for your system (no matter which kinda window is).

Enable the notification and let the apk install. Once it is installed just click the run and precede further.Now you can use this on your pc too. Congratulations! You have dr.fone on your laptop/pc and iphone or android

I prefer you to use dr.fone because it is safer app or stable. There are no bugs or any other flaws.

If you do not use the app for changing location on your android or iphone, it may be not beneficial for you to show your actual location publicly. Make your location private or fake. No one will ever locate you or may not harm you hopefully. Use the insinstructions to make your iOS GPS location on your iphone or android. It’s simple, easy, less time consuming, helpful and protected.

You can use dr.fone to change iOS GPS location on your iphone or android if somone is irritating you, calling you again and again. You can use it for having fun too.

You were thinking how you can use this app for fun. You can use dr.fone for changing fake location and send to your friends, family, and cousins. Let them have a shock, give them surprise and don’t tell that what is your actual location. See their response on such an exclusive and creative prank. Have fun by using dr.fone on your android or iphone as well as on your system.

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