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A GPS (Global Positioning System ) is the technology embedded in your smartphones to get the instant location of you on the map, whether it the shopping mall or the office. But there are many cases in which you have to spoof the fake GPS location like playing games i.e., Pokemon Go is a location-based game and is very much famous.

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What is GPS spoofing?

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The GPS spoofing application is designed to generate a fake location of yourself on the map which is different from the exact map location and sending the GPS satellite the fake GPS location.

Many location-based apps utilize your GPS location for its workings like the whether the app and another mapping app like Uber. So, the location pointer is critical for these apps but sometimes, the tracking may feel inconvenient like whether you are hiding your location from your parents or is under potentially threatened. In this guide, we’ll review which technique is the best to generate fake GPS location and how to deploy it in iPhones.

But to accomplish this type of technical functionality you have to get outside help from a fake GPS location generator whether its an Android or iPhone. But Apple is a company that is famous for its advanced security feature and don’t share your personal information. The recently IOS update is embedded with the unique feature which shows the little light if the currently running app is using the device location.

The market is filled with numerous fake apps that claim to provide fake locations but in fact don’t do it. But thanks to Dr.Phone Virtual location which has the embedded functionality to generate fake coordinates so your location is safe and secured even when using a critical location-based app on the Android. But here’s the question of how to fake location on IOS devices as no such app exists for IOS to generate fake location.

Fake GPS location On IOS devices

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It might seems to be an impossible task to generate a fake GPS location for your IOS device but we did the hard work for you and find out one of the best approaches to help you with this complexity.
There is no such app exists that installed in IOS devices and generates a fake location, so how to fake your location on an iPhone? let’s see…
Faking GPS ios location changing with fake coordinates requires more attention and is an overwhelming task without jailbreaking the iPhone, But thanks to Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (IOS), is an ultimate alternative to the android version of Fake GPS Go’s by Wondershare.

The easiest way to teleport your location on IOS devices is to connect the phone via PC and use’s the Wondershare virtual location software to alternate the device’s location.

Following are the step-by-step procedure to help you easily change make the fake coordinates on the map.

Using Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (IOS) to change the IOS device location



Many Users are facing various complicated problems i.e.,” How to change the device’s location on Pokemon Go without jailbreaking the iPhone”.The most effective way to deal with this type of complication and to generate a fake location on the IOS device is to GPS spoof the iPhone using Dr.Fone Virtual location changer.

In this guide, we’ll explore various steps so to make you safely change the device’s location as it is an extensive risky task, so follow each step.

Note: Make sure your device is updated to the latest IOS version. And have the latest version of Dr.Fone virtual location is installed on your PC.

Step 1: Download and Install Dr.Fone Virtual Location

It supports multiple platforms both Windows and Mac, Download the latest version from the Drfone Wondershare com. And install it on your PC.
Step2: Tap on the Virtual Location Tab
After successfully installing the Fake GPS GO’s alternative on your system, tap on the “Virtual Location”.
Step 3:Establish a Secured connection between PC and IOS device

Dr.Fone is great software to establish a secure and safe connection between devices to alternate device locations. Make sure Your IOS device is connected to the Virtual Location changer.
Step4: Select the teleport from the top right corners
The map will show your current location to change or teleport your location coordinates select one of the options from the 3 blocks featured at the top-right corner.
Teleport Mode:

Select the teleport option and enter the name of the desired location. Your location pointer will be teleported to the specified coordinates after selecting “Move Here”.

Congrats!, Your IOS device location is successfully changed without jailbreaking the device.

Is it safe to fake location on iPhone with Dr.Fone virtual location changer?
As it is tagged with the “Wondershare” trademark so the optimal factor of choosing this software is the reliability. This software doesn’t use the device’s personal information and features a reliable &safer connection.

● Precise Location Spoofing
● Easy to use UI/UX
● Free of unwanted Ads
● Installation is as easy as ABC.
● Fully Customizable
● Instantly Restores to the current location

In this guide, we’ve featured about what GPS spoofing is all about and what is the procedure of faking location on iPhone using Dr.Fone – a virtual location changer. The market is filled with numerous fake apps that claim to change the device’s coordinates but don’t do this which can be dangerous for you.
Setting up your GPS connection doesn’t change your caller ID and also doesn’t interrupt email spoofing, so use a \VPN to access the deep-restricted websites by GEO.
So, always choose the best software to fake GPS -the trusted one. Read this guide to end to effectively set up the Dr.fone -Virtual location changer to spoof GPS on IOS devices without jailbreaking.

If you deal with any type of complication or error in installing the software, you can ask in the comment section. We’ll try to answer your query as soon as possible.

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