How can you use your Mac Better? Here are Some Tips


Macs are known globally for their user-friendliness and top-of-the-line performance. Millions trust these machines, but most users are unaware how to use their Macs better to boost their productivity. This guide will show you how to become a power user without much fuss. 

Show Active Applications on the Dock

The Dock is a mac OS native functionality, and it is home to several utilities and apps. The Dock is at the screen’s bottom, and you can access critical apps or programs using this tool. But if this tool is cluttered, your productivity might be affected, making your desktop appear overcrowded and confusing. 

Luckily, there are some ways to personalize the Dock’s appearance so you can continue with your tasks without getting distracted. For example, you can only show active apps Mac on the Dock. You can do this manually by removing the apps you don’t use anymore, or you can use third-party apps to automate the process. 

Learn to Force Quit Frozen or Unresponsive Apps/Processes

Sometimes, you may encounter the problem of frozen or unresponsive applications and programs on your Mac. It may reduce your Mac experience and bring down your productivity level. 

When this happens, do not think twice about heading to the Activity Monitor and going through the list of apps. Instead, find the unresponsive ones and click on the X icon to close those apps. Alternatively, you can bring up the Force Quit dialog box by pressing the Command + Option keys and then the Escape key. You can quit the unresponsive apps and programs when you see the dialog box. 

Memorize Keyboard Shortcuts

One way to use your Mac better is to memorize the keyboard shortcuts to find your way around the system. Shortcuts can enhance your productivity and help save precious time when you need to open or close windows, cut and paste files, etc. Some of the shortcuts include Command + C (copy), Command + X (cut) and Command + V (paste). Other complicated keyboard shortcuts will help you to reduce or increase screen brightness, switch between apps or active windows, etc. 

Take Personalized Screenshots and Share Them

Screenshots are powerful tools, and they facilitate users to capture critical information on their screens and share them with others. You may need to take screenshots for numerous purposes. 

Mac users can capture their screen by pressing Shift + Command + 3, then crop the image before sending it to their colleagues or friends. The screenshot gets saved on the desktop by default. However, if you do not want to capture the entire screen, you can only capture a specific potion by pressing Shift + Command + 4. Then, you have to drag the crosshair and choose the area you wish to capture. Then, save the image on your device and share it via email or other apps. 

You can even screen record on Macs with audio if you want to explain something to your team members. 

Declutter and Organize the Desktop

Saving files on the desktop is common, but it quickly leads to a confusing, chaotic desktop. In addition, you may no longer find files you need on the desktop because it is overflowing with files. Therefore, you need to declutter the desktop to enhance your productivity and speed up your system’s performance. 

First, delete the files you don’t need. Next, you must create folders and subfolders to organize the files neatly. You can also use the Stack option to group the folders and files, organize them by name or date and find them easily. 

Activate Hot Corners

If you want to improve how you use Mac, automate some of the processes. Thanks to Hot Corners, you can use the four corners of your Mac’s screen to initiate specific actions. For instance, you can assign the upper-left corner of the screen to send your system to sleep or to start the screensaver. Then, all you have to do is hover the mouse cursor on the specific screen corner. 

So, activate Hot Corners by going to System Preferences and automatically assign any of the four actions you want your computer to take so you can reduce the time to finish your tasks. 

Use Preview to Sign Documents and Send them Online

Don’t worry about downloading the email attachment, printing the document, signing it, scanning it, and then emailing it back to the recipient. You can use Preview instead to sign the document digitally and even save your signature for future use. So, open the Preview app and click the Signature icon to save your signature. 

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The Bottom Line

Use your Mac efficiently by following the hacks mentioned here. It will help to augment your productivity and get the most out of your system. Also, you must not stop exploring how else you can use your device before this guide is just the tip of the iceberg.

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