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GPS Tracking Whilst on Holidays


Going on holiday is one of our favourite pastimes here in the UK, with just under 100 million Brits flying abroad each year (Statista, 2019). Whilst everyone loves a holiday, a new area brings new risks and threats to our security. Going abroad can raise the risk of possibly losing luggage or belongings and falling victim to mugging or theft. Thieves can take advantage of those who do not know the area, specifically targeting travellers for their money and belongings. Luckily, there are precautions you can take to feel and be safer on holidays, one is carrying a GPS tracking device. There are a variety of scenarios in which a GPS tracker would make an excellent travelling companion.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of suitcases are lost and never reclaimed. More so, with new COVID regulations, airports now can no longer hold lost goods for a long period of time, so suitcases are promptly being burnt or disposed of. Bringing a GPS tracker with you on holidays could help you stay united with your possessions, letting you enjoy your trip carefree. GPS trackers can also provide a real sense of security so that even when you are separated from your luggage, you can always monitor its location. 

A GPS Tracking Device

Geofencing is a great feature of modern GPS trackers, which could prove extremely useful when travelling abroad with a suitcase or two. Normally, GPS trackers provide a real-time location Tracking service, but you must be actively looking at the GPS software in order to track your item. If for a few hours, you forget to check an item’s location, you would not know it had been stolen or moved. Geofencing removes this issue, letting you draw an area on a map, in which if the tracked item leaves or enters you will be immediately notified. This can be extremely helpful when travelling on buses or trains, as you can set a geofence around your carriage and know that you will be immediately notified if someone takes your belongings. 

More so, GPS trackers are a lot harder to spot, as they can come in a range of sizes and blend in with the rest of the items in your suitcase. As they are unnoticeable, they are likely to go undetected if thieves have taken your luggage, letting you track it for longer. GPS trackers from Online Spy Shop, also come with a long battery life which is perfect for longer Tracking trips. If you are heading away for a week, you can pop the GPS tracker in your case and you will not have to recharge it for the entire trip. This makes GPS tracking incredibly low effort, whilst providing you with that all-important peace of mind. 

Furthermore, GPS trackers now come with a smart sim option, which gives your GPS tracker more features as it can operate as a mobile phone. A smart sim can allow you to connect to wifi Tracking, and receive more regular alerts from your GPS tracker. Smart sims also improve the quality of the signal, as the signal can draw information from Wifi, Cellular and GPS signals. 

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