FamiSafe: Parental management app

The mobile device in today’s world square measure common and also the want of each individual. Mobile devices aren’t any longer simply communication devices they’re a smartphone that connects you to the net and provides you access to multiple things. A mobile within the child’s hand is utilized in multiple ways in which each sensible and dangerous. however, tell by simply wanting and lurking round the phone as a result of youngster’s square measure sensible and that they can hide heaps of things.

The developers at WonderShare perceive the parent’s concern; thence they need developed Associate in Nursing app known as FamiSafe app which is able to facilitate oldsters keep parental management on their kid.

Here may be a little bit of data concerning the app.

How will the FamiSafe app work?

The app has got to be downloaded on each device you wish to observe at the side of the device you wish to observe with. Once they’re downloaded you just have to be compelled to build IDs on each phone and provides permission to the app on your child’s phone which is able to then be manageable by the parent’s app.

Being a parent may be a role which will bring you excellent joy and happiness however don’t forget parenting isn’t a straightforward job, it’s one amongst the toughest responsibilities. As a parent, they forever worry concerning their kid once they go outside alone or making an attempt some new issue while not their superintendence.

Mostly, oldsters can’t management each facet of the lifetime of a baby like they can’t decide the buddies they opt for, what they are doing once nobody is around, etc. however with the advancement in technology, oldsters during this epoch will management and guide their youngsters with the assistance of some parenting tools.

One such tool is that the parental management app offered for smartphones that permit oldsters track the net activities of their kid and management them if required. And of the simplest parental management app currently offered within the market is FamiSafe.

The app is easy however includes a few a lot of settings that the app guides you throughout. conjointly creating modifications is straightforward in step with your wants.

FamiSafe: Love Your youngsters, therefore Keep Them Safe

FamiSafe may be a reliable parental management app offered for golem and iOS platforms full of a couple of options to assist oldsters to protect their youngsters during this present.

Features of FamiSafe:

Suspicious text alert and cyberbullying preventing: FamiSafe mechanically alerts oldsters on the potential risk of cyberbullying, inappropriate adult content, harassment and a lot of in kid’s text conversations.

So, the way to Setup FamiSafe?

It’s easy, to begin fashionable parenting, initial install FamiSafe on each parent and kid’s phones. After that, on kid’s smartphone log into your FamiSafe account, opt for the identity as child, and fill in your kid’s name and age and grant necessary permissions to the app. Likewise, on parent’s device log into your account and choose the identity as Parent and connect with your kid’s device.

FamiSafe is that the best parental management app offered for golem and iOS that opens door to a brand-new parenting world. attempt FamiSafe to safeguard your kid from cyber threats and management their extra on-line activities


  • The app permits you to check the options for 3 days once that you’ve got to take one amongst their plans.
  • Here square measure the payment plans that they offer:
  • Monthly subscription arranges
  • If you choose for his or her monthly arrange it price solely $9.99 and you’ll avail all their options.
  • Quarterly subscription arranges
  • If you choose for his or her quarterly arrange it might price you simply $19.99 that attenuated into months price solely $6.66 per month.
  • Yearly subscription arranges
  • If you choose for his or her yearly arrange it might price you $59.99 that once attenuated into months price solely $4.99 per month.

Features of the app

The app off you a large number of options which may assist you do parental controls on your kid’s smartphone conjointly it’ll enable you to be departed whereas your child makes sensible use of the phone you only handed them.

Track period location

It will assist you keep an eye fixed on your kid each moment of the day and particularly useful once they’re out of the house.

Block apps

It will assist you block apps that square measure suspicious and appear harmful to you for your kid.

Monitor app usage

Children will get passionate about application and over suing them which may cause damage to their physical and psychological state. FamiSafe helps you monitor those applications and make sure that your kid doesn’t overuse applications.

Screen time report

Now once you hand the kid the mobile you wish to make sure that they’re not mistreatment it throughout their study time and in school. thence FamiSafe offers you a screen time app report which is able to assist you make sure that they’re not mistreatment the phone all the time.

Set screen deadline

Children typically use their phones throughout the night and you won’t forever be ready to catch them. FamiSafe helps you therewith, on your needed time you’ll set screen time. therefore, you may be assured that they’re solely mistreatment phones once they want them and not all the time.

Hence these were a number of their most wonderful options which is able to assist you do parental management on the phone.

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