Essential Tips for Getting the Perfect Student Housing


As soon as you’ve picked which college you might like to study at in the new country as a Student, there is another crucial decision to make, and it is about where to live. Securing wonderful and safe student housing London can be a challenging or daunting task.

You need to ensure you’ve chosen the perfect location, but also that the cost suits your budget. Perhaps you look forward to finding a place to live amidst fellow international students, or who knows you wish to experience local culture and boost your language skills with British students – the preference is yours.

Pick Which Student Housing Option Is Apt For You

You should know that there are types of student housing that range from shared dormitory rooms in the university-run types of halls of residence to proper private apartments. Picking what type of room is going to work best for you generally relies on the availability of rooms and certainly, your budget. So many international students prefer the social environment of shared housing to assist them in making friends in their new country, but no matter whether you look forward to sharing a college dorm with other students, rent a private apartment with roommates or simply find a place by yourself, there are myriad of options out there for you.

Research Work Is A Must

It’s really up to you if you prefer to be in the centre of the action on campus or simply choose to live a short walk or bus ride away from your college. The wonderful thing about living off-campus is that you get a fresh area on your doorstep to explore. In case you pick a university residence, you are going to get easy access to all the college study amenities as well as no commuting expenses to consider.  You should also know that numerous students are there who opt for on-campus university housing for their foremost year and then simply move into a private apartment or house with friends for the rest of their degree when they know which regions or areas best appeal to them.

Before you book your new room in London or even York, get to know the overall area with the help of Google Maps and Street View. Find out what sort of cafes or restaurants, amenities, student hotspots and hangouts area in the specific region and decide if it suits your needs. It’s worth also doing an online search to simply make sure the area you have in mind is quite a student friendly as well as safe. Your college should also be in a position to advise you on this matter. Also, make sure that you will have proper access to public transport in case you are hoping to move or travel around.


To sum up, to start with if you know these things and you consider them well, you can get the perfect student accommodation in York for yourself. After all, it is about choosing what works safely, effectively and comfortably for you.

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