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Do you know that glasses are available to try at home?

Earlier, people are under the impression that buying prescription glasses online could be a risky business if they do not try at home glasses. There were several doubts in the minds of the people that the online glasses may not suit them well or will not carry the right prescription, or the glasses may not fit well, or the colours may vary as against the images shown on the website. With so many doubts and confusion in mind, people used to purchase glasses from the stores instead.

However, nowadays more and more of the population of prescription glasses users prefer buying prescription glasses online. With the facilities like try at home glasses, it has become all the easier for users to check out if the glasses suit them well or not. There are many eyewear manufacturers who are providing prescription glasses online through their web-stores and it has become a few minutes job to place the order but not before checking the glasses and trying them at home.

What are the benefits of trying at home glasses?

Try on glasses home is a concept which is followed by a hand-full of eyewear manufacturing companies. It is an initiative, where the eyeglasses users get an opportunity to examine, access and match the eyeglasses without actually buying the glasses or shelling out a penny.  Let’s put some light on the benefits of try at home glasses before actually buying prescription glasses online.

  • No cost involved: When you opt for trying glasses at home, it does not cost you a single penny. Neither you need to spend anything on buying eyeglasses nor you need to spend on commuting while going to the eyewear store.
  • It is a time saving method, since you do not have to go to the store and try out eyeglasses from one high-end shop to the other.
  • You get to check if the eyeglasses you are planning to buy will look good on you or not.
  • Not only the low cost glasses, you can also opt for designer glasses from Specscart that too in various shapes, multiple colours, patterns and designs.
  • It is convenient since you do not have to rush anywhere, you just have to log in to the web store and Voila!  You will get the delivery within a couple of days to enjoy your favourite pair.

How can I get a try at home glasses?

Eyewear manufacturers like Specscart allow the user to scroll through the thousands of glasses listed on their website and choose 4 eyeglasses for trial purpose. Once the user selects four eyeglasses they can click over the option of ‘’try at home’’. Specscart will deliver the selected four pairs of eyeglasses packages of ‘’1 week home trial’’. What’s more, you can enjoy using these 4 eyeglasses for up to 7 days.  You can wear these glasses 24 x 7, click as many Selfies as you want. Meet and greet your friends to get their comments on your look with new glasses on. Wear them at work and see if your colleagues notice your new look. Invite compliments and comments. Match different eyeglasses with new attire every day.

Now, you will be able to decide out of the four designer glasses which one do you find more suitable. Since you have kept them and enjoyed using them for a good seven days, it would be time to return them.  At this time, place the glasses in the Trial Box which you had received from Specscart that has a prepaid return label attached to it. Check carefully that the eyeglasses are in good condition without any breakage. After packing the eyeglasses, drop them at any post-office near to you.  Specscart will notify when they receive the trial  box.

Once you have selected and found eyeglasses suitable, you can now place the order for the one(s) that you find appealing.  It is that simple, cost free and yes you will surely find the eyeglasses that match your style.

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