Different Kinds Of Gifts For Different Kinds Of Sisters

“Sisters function as protection nets in the chaotic world by solely being there with us”

Every year on Raksha Bandhan a sister expects, for one thing, the most, her gifts. Raksha Bandhan is a favorable occasion where a brother showers his sister with gifts after she ties a thread named Rakhi on his wrist. Every brother wishes for getting that best gift for his sister to make her day special too.

We have a list of gifts here. Not every sister is comparable. Each has its own persona & character. It is your responsibility as a brother to get the perfect gift for your sister & we are here to advise you. We have twelve different types of gifts for twelve different kinds of sisters for you. Read it till the end, & maybe you will get the variety of your sister and the best Rakhi gifts for sister.

The Cutie Pie Sister

To make your cutie pie sister laugh away on Raksha Bandhan, dazzle her with a rakhi combo that includes a teddy bear, a lovely flower bouquet, and her beloved chocolates.

 Fitness freak sister

If your sister is a diet-conscious, healthful, and gym freak then you want to think about your gifts in a distinct way than others. Chocolates and desserts won’t do any magic here. We’ve got an excellent giftfor your fitness freak- a collapsible bottle. This bottle is fashionable and classy in looks & also something she would love to use every time.

The Padhaku Sister

Adore your sister’s love for the study by giving her a personalized diary with her name and a pen as the return gift on Raksha Bandhan.

Self–obsessed sister

A sister who truly matters the most is herself. She is all about being the rumor of the party. For such a sister, we saw you the gift that he will fall in love with at an initial glance – A cosmetic mirror. A gift useful for her, for looking & parading herself all around.

The Fighter Sister

Some brother-sister duos always like to fight and taunt each other with weird names. If you’re one of them then these name teasing coasters are the ideal gift. Useful & Entertaining!

Model sister

A woman’s most cherished possession is her jewelry. Some girls love to always enhance their wardrobe with brand-new and trendy stuff every time. If your sister is a fashion freak, this piece of jewelry can make her day. This does not go out of fashion and is a gorgeous piece to wear along with anything and everything. This piece of jewelry will intensify her style statement and she will always be grateful for it.

The Punctual Sister

Does your sister do all her work at the correct time & she goes by her timetable? Nothing could be more useful than gifting her a personalized wall clock this Raksha Bandhan.

Writer sister

A sister is excited about writing, who likes to note down their thoughts in a book hoping to complete them & achieve flying shades. This is something you should be hunting for. Gifting a diary proves that you love and care about their passion and encourage them in their life decisions. There is nothing more appealing than gifting a diary to her.

The Dreamful Sister

Some girls love to dream big and make all the efforts to accomplish what they need. If that’s the kind of your sister, then you can give her dreams a drive-by offering a personalized TIME Magazine cover.

Sleeping Beauty

For someone who likes to sleep all day, what better to present than a pillowcase. Adding a personalized touch to it by adding your reminiscences and moments that are memorable can always add a special touch to your gift. In this way, you will always be in her ideas and feelings around her when she sleeps.

The Sister Who Loves To Receive Awards

Well, almost everyone adores receiving an award, but some are mad about being honored with an award. For your award-loving type sister, apersonalized best sister awardwith her name & photo on it is a perfect rakhi gift.

Mobile Addict

For someone who cannot be driven on even for a short amount of time from their phone, presenting something for their phone is the best. A mobile case can be a very perfect rakhi gift online for her. Customizing the case according to her style & your selection is the best thing. She will surely love a gift that is friendly and personalized.


So, there are the kinds of rakhi gifts that you can amaze your sister with on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. You can get all these rakhi gifts onlinefrom online portals or e-commerce websites.

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