Hi guys!! Do you need to have two WhatsApp apps in your smart Android? Think how nice it would be if you have two different WhatsApp apps in the same device. One to chat with your friends and one for your job purposes. Then here is the best apk for you my friends. The Clone App. As the name suggests this apk helps you to have two different WhatsApp apps in your android satellite internet vs cable.

Not only for WhatsApp, but this fact is true for many other important or day today using apps. I am pretty sure that this opportunity for you will help a great deal in balancing your private and the work life. So, my friends let’s have a glance about this amazing app.

What is this Clone App?

As you know already, the Clone App allows you to duplicate some apps. The app will create a copy of the app you need. Thereby it provides space for you to have two different accounts of the same app. For example, you can have two WhatsApp accounts, two Facebook accounts. But there is one more thing that looks amazing about this app. That is, you can have this clone apps or cloned accounts on the same device. No need to have different devices to run different accounts. What a relief? Isn’t it?

The other wonderful fact regarding this Clone Apk is that, it is completely free of charge. You can have this nice tool in your android Freely. And the usage of the app is also very easy. The Clone App is a user friendly apk and it allows you to customize the things as you need.

Once a clone app is created the copied app is named as (assume that we cloned WhatsApp) “WhatsApp(clone)”. But as I mentioned earlier the user-friendly nature of the app allows you to change the name of the cloned app. Not only the name but you can change the icon of the cloned app too. OG clone app only available on third party app stores like AC Market and Aptoide. Play Store have many cloning apps. Feel free to try those too.

What are the apps that can be cloned?

Now you already know you can duplicate WhatsApp app. In addition, you can clone apps like Facebook, Instagram, WeChat like apps. And of course, you can have multiple game accounts too. I know this is a cool news for the game lovers. You must try this great tool to have a newer experience. You can clone Android TV apps too. Use Filelinked to get this app on your TV.

Is cloning the only task of Clone App?

Definitely, not. There are several other purposes of this Apk. Some of them are as follows:

  • Offers you with a FREE VPN- a VPN is needed for you to secure your online privacy and to have access to several restricted contents. With this Clone App a free VPN is given.
  • We love to use stickers while chatting with our friends or the loved ones. Hence, this app contains three categories of stickers which are really interesting. The names given for these stickers are also really impressive. Those names are: Kiss of Love, Flying Tomato and Nothing to do.
  • Moreover, this offers beautiful floating stickers to have a joyful and fun chat with your friends.

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