Check 4 things before buy property in Cambodia

On like other portions of Cambodia the Sihanoukville real estate has grown faster. Even People have bought property on Cambodia for business or personal purposes. So there is too much demand for property in Cambodia have. But the process of buying is not that smoother. The buyer must look upon some important things before buying.

Unless there is a possibility to become unhappy about the property he will buy. No matter it can be land, plot, flat or official space. So let’s know about those 4 important things that you should check before buying any property in Cambodia.

Past history of it

The early thing is you need to check the past history of the property. Its past owner chain and the way they have the ownership. To the authority office, you will have all the papers. There if you want them to show you those papers, they will help you. Rather if you think it becomes time-consuming, then you should go to a lawyer. Either to an agency. Both of those steps will save you time. At the same time, you will know how much safe it to invest.

Legal obligations

All the property is not free to buy and sell. Some of the property in Cambodia have legal obligations. Such as those lands or the space beside hospitals or schools there you are not permitted to make any industry. There is some legal obligation to authority. Check is there that type of obligations or not.

Flexible environment

To get the proper output from the proper property then you should have a flexible environment. Such as if you have official space in such type of space where it is far away from the town then it will not be flexible for you. Even it should have all the utility facility for you. All over the thing is when you are going to buy a property make sure there is a flexible environment.

Productive value

Suppose you have a space to hold your office. If the place will be far enough for the living place of your employee then it will be not that productive for you. You must make sure that the land or flat you have buy has enough productive value. Even if it will be your living place then it will be less productive for you. Even if there will be any burden to work fluently then still there are some problems too.

A few days ago I have visited on some Phnom Penh real estate agency. There I saw some people who totally depend on the agency and they don’t get any extra hassle. This is really disappointing. Because of these things, most of the time the motive the buying property has changed.

This is the reason don’t forget to check all the particular things before pay. The most important thing is checking the legal barrier. In Cambodia each year lots of people fall into a problem because they did not check all the things before buy. Remember only your conscious steps can save you to avoid unwanted burdens.

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