CBD Boxes In the right Packaging

Packaging has a direct impact on consumers’ perception of quality. Aesthetic and effective CBD packaging will attract the attention of consumers and increase the commercial potential of the product. We have all hesitated or refused to buy a product with damaged or unattractive CBD packaging.

Plan your Packaging

By carefully planning the production of your CBD packaging, you will be able to optimize the use of raw materials by controlling their weight, for example and labor and thus save money. You will also avoid the costs of reworking the CBD packaging. Your packaging should be planned as part of your CBD Business plan so investors can see this important aspect of your marketing plan.

Orientation of Packages

The orientation of packages and boxes is very important, as they are generally designed to resist stacking in one direction. This is why the design of the CBD packaging must take into account the logistical means, how it will be stored and how it will be presented to consumers. Marking and labeling is also essential when creating CBD packaging specifications. The custom cbd boxes are the perfect solutions in these cases.

During their life cycle, products are exposed to many risks. This is why having quality CBD packaging is important to protect it. These risks can be:

  • Shocks due to handling.
  • Falling products.
  • Vibrations due to transport.
  • Compression of products due to stacking in warehouses and in vehicles.
  • Humidity, temperature and bad weather.

The primary objective of CBD packaging is to allow the product to reach consumers without having suffered any damage.

Standards to Perform

CBD boxes CBD packaging companies’ uses the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 1A standard to perform drop tests on CBD packaging during quality inspections (Drop Tests). This assessment consists of carrying out drop resistance tests on the boxes. It is designed to verify the strength and robustness of the product and its CBD packaging. Then it classifies the defects identified as critical, major or minor. To learn more about quality defects, we invite you to read the following article:  Why is CBD packaging quality so important?

Other tests can also be carried out, such as resistance to vibrations, compressions and atmospheric conditions. The CBD packaging sector generated nearly 18 billion dollars in sales worldwide, so it has an important economic stake. But it also takes on an issue of functionality and an increasingly marked environmental issue.

The growth sectors for CBD packaging in the coming years are distribution, commerce and e-commerce. From the diversity of solutions to the loyalty issue through innovations in the sector, we will discuss the main criteria in order to choose the right CBD packaging.

A Variety of Solutions

Today there are many CBD packaging solutions: cardboard envelopes, bubble envelopes, kraft paper, tubes, and post office boxes. The company, which dominates the European CBD packaging market, offers more than 10,000 references. But diversity does not necessarily mean simplicity. Faced with this multiplicity of CBD packaging, it is necessary to choose the right CBD packaging for each product.

You must favor CBD packaging with the right dimensions, always with a view to offering the best CBD packaging to the customer. It is advisable to provide a CBD packaging a little larger than the product in order to insert protections, padding or something to wedge it (foam, bubble wrap, etc.).

Consider the Packaging Time

The choice of the CBD packaging solution should also be based on the CBD packaging time required. If you have similar products (sizes, weight, dimensions) requiring similar CBD packaging, it is possible to provide you with certain solutions that will save you time and therefore increase your productivity. The objective is to offer quality CBD packaging but at the lowest possible cost. This is the case, for example, of PO boxes with a foam insert and an adhesive strip incorporated.

Regarding heavy objects, crumpled kraft paper provides an economical, ecological solution and provides good protection thanks to its good impact resistance unlike air pockets. The weight of your package must not exceed 30 kilos maximum weight authorized to be carried by a person, beyond that, additional conditions must be respected.

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