Business Modeling for Custom Shipping Boxes

Designing your own custom shipping boxes is easy. You just have to know the basic design principles of packing products with standard boxes. In order to have an idea on how to proceed further, you need to look for a reliable custom boxes company or distributor. Below are some of the steps in designing your own custom-printed boxes.

Will you be Using Plain Paper or Plastic Packaging?

o Firstly, you need to decide on what type of box you want. Will you be using plain paper or plastic packaging? Will your product require any special features like a watertight seal? Once you determine the main purpose of your product, you can easily plan how your packaging should look like. For instance, if you are making mailing tubes, will they be made out of paper or plastic?

Prepare your budget

Decide how much money you are willing to spend for custom shipping boxes. If you have a limited budget, it would be better to use standard boxes manufactured by a company with low minimum charges. Otherwise, you can try asking a friend or business colleague on his/her experience with buying such items. In addition, if you have contacts in a packaging company, you can get some suggestions and tips about their services and products.

Choose your Custom Shipping Boxes

You can choose from several types of packaging materials. Cardboard boxes are the most common ones used by most people. They are lightweight, affordable, and easy to handle. However, many companies also use corrugated cardboard or heavy duty polythene plastic. These materials are usually more expensive and they cannot be used to ship fragile and perishable items.

Use Custom Boxes made from Foam

 Foam is an excellent packaging material. It has several benefits, including excellent resilience and flexibility, good moisture resistance, and superior energy efficiency. You can also use it to create custom shipping boxes out of thick, high density foam. Although it is much heavier than regular cardboard, it is also stronger and more durable.

Choose your Printing Options

The standard printing options for custom shipping boxes include standard text and plain black printing. If you want your box to have special features, you can also experiment with embossing, UV coating, custom matte finish, lamination, self-inking, and full color label printing. All these options can be used for different purposes, depending on your business needs and printing budget.

Think About your Branding Options

Aside from using your logo or slogan as your label for the box, you can use your brand colors for your custom shipping boxes. For example, if your company is in the insurance business, you can use your logo to apply a stylish, modern look to your shipping box. Alternatively, if your business specializes in sports apparel, you can use your logo to promote sports gear or sports events you’re part of. Whatever your branding options, they can make your box standout from the rest.

Make Sure Your Packing Materials meet your Standards

Apart from considering factors like weight and dimensions, you should also consider your packaging supplies. Your custom shipping boxes and other packaging materials must be in line with all the necessary requirements for safe delivery. For example, you may need custom boxes that comply with all international and national shipping standards. Or, your non-hazmat boxes must be resistant to all forms of extreme heat and moisture, among others. Your custom shipping materials are only as good as your efforts in choosing them, so choose your packing supplies carefully.

Use Corrugated Cardboard to Ship your goods

Corrugated cardboard is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional box packing. Because it has no plasticizers and additives, it’s especially ideal for sending perishable items like meat and dairy products. At the same time, corrugated cardboard is very lightweight. You’ll find it easier to package perishable items using corrugated cardboard than conventional boxes.

Invest in Professional Design Services

When you’re designing your custom boxes, it’s always best to get the input of experts. You can work with a graphic design company to conceptualize your box company and make it visually appealing. With their help, you’ll be able to build a successful marketing strategy that will help your box company stand out from the competition.

Choose Expertly Manufactured and Finished Packing Material

Your company needs to invest in packaging materials that are durable, convenient, and affordable. Good packaging is an important part of establishing a successful business. The cost of shipping boxes can add up over the course of a year. It costs substantially less to buy high-quality packing materials and use them regularly than to rent or purchase low-cost shipping supplies every so often. The most effective business models emphasize lower costs and greater convenience.

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