Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development with Google Firebase


Custom Mobile App Development with Google Firebase

Businesses are raking millions of billions with the aid of their mobile applications; is it what you also want?

Apps help in reducing costs for business operations, expanding userbase, improving customer loyalty, boosting ROI, among others. That is why the trend of Custom Mobile App Development has come into effect.

Let us now look at one of the app development technologies that is recently garnering all the eyeballs, Google Firebase.

A torchbearer of the Backend as a Service (BaaS) module, Firebase is extraordinary for implementation, operation & performance. It stores data in JSON and acts as a database, and in case of changes, it synchronizes the data in a real-time fashion across all devices or clients using the same database.

All the data gets transmitted via a secure SSL connection once user authentication gets completed, which can employ popular email and password combinations such as Gmail, Facebook, etc.

Firebase has an SDK for iOS, Android & JavaScript, which means that all of these platforms will use a single database, saving you lots of time, cost & effort.

The cloud functionality of Firebase is almost brilliant as it allows placing even minuscule JavaScript functions directly in the giant Google cloud infra. Once done, they can get executed as a result of events originating due to the Firebase or HTTP requests.

It helps marketers to send welcome emails upon user authentication, converting images when downloading, deleting, or monitoring spam in chats or posts, etc.

Marketers can utilize Google Analytics for Firebase to track the app performance, which allows one to view all the reports not only on the Firebase console but Google Analytics Dashboard as well.

Also, there are plenty of features related to this, e.g., automatic screen tracking, integration with AdMob, BigQuery free storage tier, among others.

The benefits that Firebase provides to marketers and developers are nothing short of endless, which happens to be the case everyone needs right now.

For coders, it helps in reducing efforts and maximizing potential; for agencies, it helps in reducing time and money; for clients, it helps in maximizing the ROI & functionalities of their app.

If you are looking for an efficient Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur, you need to check what all technologies they will use to build your app and if Firebase is a part of their plan. Knowing this will help you to cut down your budget without compromising on the functionality or performance of your app. Think of this as a litmus test to help with your decision regarding what to look for in a mobile application development company or anywhere for that matter!

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