Bed bugs are nasty parasites that feed on the blood of humans. They are difficult to find and their infestation can be easily spread, which makes it difficult to remove them completely. But how to know if you have bed bugs? The red itchy bite marks are the major symptoms of the presence of bed bug infestation. Although bed bugs cause no health risk, they are an irritating and humiliating sight. To totally eliminate these bed bugs, you would require a bed bug fumigator that destroys these pests altogether in its development stages, which includes the egg phase. Bed bug fumigation control measure has demonstrated to be the best for broad infestation. Although the procedure is an extremely specialized pest control method, the specialist will take care of the process.

Fumigation process

Bed bug fumigation is the cheapest way to kill bed bugs because it permanently destroys both the vermin and deplete its eggs. Fumigation happens when an inorganic gas called sulfuryl fluoride is injected into an encased, fixed space loaded down with the household goods or using pyrethroids.. The gas replaces the oxygen in a controlled environment, which causes bed bugs and their eggs to suffocate to death. When released, the gas vents into wall cracks, crevices and other concealed zones. A gas fumigant can kill bed bugs from only a couple of furniture, household items or bedding to a whole house or building. The pyrethroids act at a molecular level to block physiological pathways that are vital to bedbugs.

The total treatment time can usually vary from 18 to 48 hours depending upon the size of the container, structure, or vehicle being disinfected. Once delivered, the gas rapidly separates into its two natural ingredients which float away harmlessly. For the pyrethroids, the course of treatment is about 5 weeks to break the life cycle of the insect. The bed bug exterminator will guide you every step of the way.

Precautionary steps when preparing for fumigation

Bed bug fumigation control measure is performed under expert’s care and attention. All you require to stress over is the planning part because the gas is not only toxic to pests but also harmful to people. Therefore, you are required to take some precautionary steps before the process begins.

  • Secure all consumables – The fumigator will include extraordinary twofold fixed packs to store all the groceries and other consumables. Otherwise, you can place them away from the site. The procedure will just start after the fumigator is contented that all consumables are protected. 
  • Look for substitute housing – If you are disinfecting the whole house, otherwise called tent fumigation, then it is wise to avoid home for about a day or two or as suggested by the fumigator. Discover a place to stay for this period. You can visit your folks or family members at the end of the week. 
  • Leave cupboards and room open – Opening all entryways between rooms, cupboards, and drawers will make it simple for the fumigators to get to these regions. It will expand the fumigant’s penetration. Above all, keep your valuable goods away or register with the fumigating service provider. 
  • Provide spare house keys – In case you are going for a vacation, then hand over your home keys with the fumigator because they would require you to access all the areas of your house during the fumigation process. Once done, they will shut down the doors of the house and install barriers and secondary locks on each section to stymie the entry of any unknown person. 

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