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Basics of Videography – Various Types of Videography

Video production has gained popularity, especially with this era of the market-oriented output. We see many brands going for branded video production for marketing purposes of creating awareness of their products entertainingly. There are many video production companies in Atlanta GA that can help you create branded video content for your niche using the best visual effects the world of technology has to offer and post-production services to ensure your video is well edited and finished. However, before you approach production companies in Atlanta, you need to have some basics of videography.

Various types of videography include: – animated, commercial, 360, and virtual reality video production.

  1. Animated Video Production

It is a style of video production that makes even the hardest of services seem simple. They are commonly used in Landing pages and even emails because they have this effect of leaving the viewers happy and wanting to know more about a service. What you have to do is share your ideas with an animation company in Atlanta, GA, and they will help you convey your message in the most fun way possible.

  • Commercial video production

Also referred to as corporate videography, they are non-advertisement videos for and commissioned by the company or business. They showcase elements of the core business of the organization, such as staff training, parties, investor relations, product videos. Companies publish the Commercial video production work on their websites for purposes of communicating what the company does and giving more insights to the operations of the said company. They also significantly contribute to a website’s ranking by search engines.

  • Virtual Reality Videos

Instead of viewing content through a screen, users wear a helmet and are immersed into 3D worlds simulated with as many senses as possible such as hearing, vision, touch, and even smell. Video games create the best content for virtual reality videos because of the visual effects and other features that are possible to incorporate.

  • 360 videos

Producers use omnidirectional cameras in 360 video production atlanta ga to create immersive videos. The users can watch these videos using a virtual reality headset, Google cardboard, and if you don’t have access to any of those, some web players can play 360 videos. However, they will not experience the full 3D experience.

In conclusion, videography is changing the marketing game, and you need to scour through the available types of videos to find one that suits your niche. Furthermore, you can create branded video content using various kinds to see which one resonates best with your clientele. Affordability also comes into play and determines the video production companies you are going to go within Atlanta and even the visual effects you can get. VFX companies go hand in hand with production companies; therefore, ensure that whichever you decide to go with gets you the best content.

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