Are Affordable Cigars Really A Thing

If you are looking for a good quality cigar, you must understand that expensive cigars do not always guarantee good taste and flavor. Many affordable cigar brands in the world can provide a much better and refined experience with the cigars, without spending a lot over it. It all depends on the personal taste and preference of an individual. It is why one can find great cigars as per their preference at any price point.

The most important and contributing factor that leads to the higher or lower price of the cigar is the quality of tobacco used to make it. Most people are unable to identify the type of tobacco leaf used in the cigar, due to which they would opt to buy a cigar based on the brand and its popularity. The quality of tobacco, smell, flavors is all essential to a good cigar.

However, finding so many qualities in an affordable cigar is very difficult. We have a list of affordable cigars that can provide you with a premium smoking experience without any compromises.

White owl cigars

White owl cigars have been one of the most affordable cigar brands in the US and have been popular among all types of age groups. White Owl has been known to make some of the best flavored and unflavored cigars that have a rich and flavourful smoke. The taste is subtly satisfying, and when you smoke it, it is sure to tickle your palate. The cigar is extremely reliable and affordable, even for a beginner. In case you are looking for a cigar that is great for a start and can provide you with an experience that is not too strong or too heavy, this show should be a perfect one to start with. Try going for their flavored cigars as they are some of the best.

Cheyenne Cigars

Cheyenne Cigars is one of the most premium cigar companies with a large customer base on both online and offline stores. Their cigars come with a rich taste and aroma in classic menthol flavor, or fruit-tinged choices like wild cherry, peach, grape, and the brand’s Xotic berry.

If you are looking for a taste profile that is simple, natural and has a rustic experience, then this can be the right choice. It is one of the most expensive brand cigars you can go for, where the affordable price meets with premium quality tobacco and mild flavors. Alcoholics and alcoholic drinks inspire many of their cigars, and you can experience a lot of fruity flavors on offer.

Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial

Jaime Garcia is the son of Jose “Pepin” Garcia, a cigar legend and the owner of the My Father Cigars. After learning all the details from his father, Jamie now has his cigars called the Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial.

These cigars use dark oily Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, which ages for six years for an enchanted and robust flavor. Constructed entirely, it gives a perfect balance of flavors with profile notes of earth, cedar, espresso, dark chocolate, and black pepper.

It is one of the smoothest cigars you will ever come across and also one of the most affordable and premium cigars in the market. The cigar will provide you with a very different experience compared to any other premium made affordable cigars.

These are the most affordable range of cigars that is made using the best quality tobacco and flavor there are. These cigars are made with all focus on the taste, strength, density, flavors, and a lot more, at an affordable price.

All these cigars have used aged tobacco leaves to make sure that they are intense and provide a great mild flavor. These are available in different shapes and sizes to make sure that a person could buy them.

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