Aphrodisiac foods for men to enhance intimacymoments


Which ones and how to take them?

Asparagus detoxifies the body of excess ammonia, one of the potential problems of intimate disinterest.Since ancient times, men have sought every method to enhance, preserve and restore their intimate capacity or improve women’s loving desire. One of the most popular means was the taking of aphrodisiac foods.

Many cultures and civilizations around the world have felt the goods of aphrodisiac foods for thousands of years.

An aphrodisiac is an agent that arouses sensual desire. In addition to improved intimate desire, aphrodisiac foods are also thought to treat erectile dysfunction due to etiological and age parts.

Aphrodisiac products are classified into two types according to their mode of action:

Boost libido

Improve the ability to experience physical activity to increase strength.To enjoy a pleasant love life, including the following aphrodisiac fruits in your diet. Here are the foods that support under the sheets, from chocolate to strawberries

Christmas is nearing. It will be the start of a long holiday period for millions of Italians to spend at the table with family and friends. Between the sheets with your loved one. Two worlds, as the story tells us, are closely intertwined, between commercial culture and science.

But what are, really, the foods that can support us in bed?

What can or should we eat to better enjoy our experiences with our partners? To reveal the truth behind the food-sex connection is Dr. Andrea Militello, Roman andrologist and urologist, who tells the foods that can increase men’s libido. However, some helpful elements can help humans, such as nuts, strawberries, avocados, watermelons, and almonds. On the other hand, alcohol is bad for healthy love life because it builds desire but decreases performance.

Aphrodisiac foods

1. Ginseng

You have apparently already heard of ginseng. It is a natural aphrodisiac. It includes steroid-like compounds that excite libido and improve stamina.Fildena and vidalista 60 are best to treat

A study issued in 2015 showed an improvement of more than 60% of men with erectile dysfunction than 30% of the placebo group.

What to do?

To take pleasure in its benefits, we can chew the root or prepare an infusion. However, the most efficient way is to use supplements.

In detail, here are, and why, the foods that can support men have better love. Nuts: Nuts increase the quality of semen and can improve the shape, movement, and energy of the sperm. For this reason, particularly men aiming for pregnancy must carry nuts in their diet to improve fertility.

Strawberries and Raspberries: the seeds of these fruits are packed with zinc, necessary for both men’s and women’s intimate potency. If women have high levels of zinc, there is more testosterone creation and increased libido. In men, zinc regulates testosterone level, which is accountable for the creation of seminal fluid. It is, therefore, necessary that men stock up on zinc as their stories down during intercourse.


Folic acid and vitamin B6 are both important for a healthy sex drive. Folic acid also improves blood circulation in the corpora cavernosa, while vitamin B6 supports hormones.

2. Almonds

They are recognized as a symbol of fertility and aphrodisiac food.

Almonds are valuable sources of vital fatty acids, vital for fertility, reproductive functions, hormone generation (mainly testosterone), and a healthy libido.

What to do?

You can provide your lover a sensual massage with sweet almond oil and thus enhance your intimate relationship.

Watermelon: Watermelon increases erection and boosts libido. This is because it contains citrulline, which frees amino acids and arginine in the body. Arginine is effective for vascular health.


Almonds include arginine, which increases circulation and relaxes blood vessels. This amino acid present in almonds, therefore, serves to keep an erection.

Chocolate: Dark chocolate delivers serotonin and endorphins that enhance mood. It does not improve desire but can transmit well-being.

3. Asparagus among the aphrodisiac foods

For thousands of years, many cultures around the world have praised the aphrodisiac qualities of asparagus.

The Greeks talked of it in love-hate, while the Kamasutra suggests taking its infusion. In French culture, it is said to eat asparagus three times a day before the marriage to improve the wedding night’s desire.

Asparagus enters aspartic acid, which helps neutralize excess ammonia in the body, producing weakness and decreased intimate desire.

What to do?

Asparagus can be grilled, sauteed, cooked, or roasted.


It is essential to consume eggs to get a healthy erection. Eggs include the amino acid L-arginine, which can support erectile dysfunction.

Peaches: Vitamin C present in peaches increases sperm count and sperm quality. This is because peaches include high levels of vitamin C, which is excellent for combating infertility.


Coffee is an energizer, helping us stimulate the brain to increase arousal and sensual desire.


Saffron is a natural turn-on and should be consumed to improve intimate desire and bed performance.Vidalista 40 and tadalista are best cure for impotence. Saffron is also capable of enhancing the strength and energy available to us.


Steak is an exceptional ingredient for stimulating intimate desire: it contains zinc, vitamin B, iron, and protein, which are necessary compounds for both men and women to increase libido.

4. Avocado

The avocado tree was called ahuacuatl by the Aztecs, meaning “testicle tree,” as a couple of executing avocados reminded them of men’s testicles.

Avocados are excellent sources of minerals and antioxidants. They are also abundant in carotenoids, vitamin E, fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium.

The vitamin E present in avocado is supposed to increase the strength of orgasm during a physical encounter.

5. Cinnamon

t is a popular spice used in cooking as a seasoning and flavoring. The cinnamon also has therapeutic properties and is a recognized aphrodisiac.

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