AnyTrans as a reliable tool will help you switch to iPhone 12

iPhone 12

Changing iPhone 12 is not always a satisfactory experience, not so much for the fact of being able to enjoy a new smartphone, but for the amount of data to be transferred. However, there are solutions such as AnyTrans, a complete utility that offers simple tools to help you switch to iPhone 12, as you will see in the following review.

This specific situation can not only occur in the case of going from iPhone to iPhone, which is usually easier, but also when a radical change is made in which you are going to change the operating system, from Android to iPhone, a process that still it can be more tedious.

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In any case, with the arrival of the new iPhone 12, it is very likely that a large number of users who own an older iPhone will consider buying the new Apple model, and to make the change easier, AnyTrans offers different options.

AnyTrans not only offers specific tools to change phones, its possibilities go further and offers a multitude of utilities that you may probably need at some point, all under a simple, intuitive and very clear interface.

One of the most important sections of AnyTrans is the one that offers the possibility of changing from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, so if you have bought any iPhone 12 model, this is the section you should pay attention to.

Entering the section is as simple as opening the application and clicking on “change phone”, at that moment you will see several possibilities, we are going to focus on the three main ones which are: Phone to iPhone, backup to iPhone and cloud to iPhone.

Phone to iPhone, transfer all your data to new iPhone

The first option that AnyTrans provides is the one that allows you to move all the data from your old phone to a new iPhone 12. A procedure that can be complicated to do manually, this software makes everything much faster and easier. To use this process, it would be enough to click on the option “Phone to iPhone” and follow a few very simple steps that are clearly explained so that users can know at all times what they should be doing.

Backup to iPhone, restore a backup on your new iPhone

The second option of AnyTrans is the one called “backup to iPhone” and it basically allows you to restore a backup to the new iPhone, it would be enough to select the backup from your PC and press next to take it to your iPhone.

Cloud to iPhone, transfer data from cloud to iPhone

The last option offered by the “change phone” section of AnyTrans is to transfer data from the iCloud or Google cloud directly to the iPhone, for which you have to connect the account and select the iPhone (previously connected by USB ) for the transfer process to complete successfully.

Although the main tools of AnyTrans revolve around changing the phone, especially from an iPhone to the new iPhone 12, the truth is that we can find some more very interesting and useful utilities, one of them is the Device Manager. The Device Manager is a section that offers to manage all the content of iOS in a simple and enjoyable way, that is, you will be able to determine what to do with the photos, videos, voice notes, messages, applications and others of your iPhone.

Customization, downloading and screen mirroring

With AnyTrans you can also customize your new iPhone ringtones. Downloading online videos / songs and apps will also be easier. One more thing, screen mirroring your iPhone 12 screen to your PC screen can be done much faster.

#BackupwithAnyTrans campaign

This is a kind of contest where you can share your experience with your first iPhone via your social media accounts with the hashtag #BackupwithAnyTrans. You stand a chance to win a new iPhone! More information can be found here!
It’s clear that AnyTrans is a must-have tool that you need to have when your new iPhone 12 arrives!

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