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A Good Friend In Friendspire

Every business around the world would relish an opportunity to have genuine customers sharing their business with friends. To any operation, great reviews are like currency. The better and more copious the better. Consequently, there is a myriad of companies that have popped up claiming to give the most authentic reviews on any service.

Unfortunately, these reviews tend to fall into one of three unpleasant categories:

1. Bots/Fake profiles- The wording is almost identical across several reviews. Small businesses might also encourage their employees to make reviews on popular sites as well.

2. Sponsored/ Paid – Being paid to review something does not always bring out honesty. Especially, if keeping an expensive item is part of the bargain.

3. No one you know – Who is this panel of people throwing food at movies?

There is an overwhelming sentiment, not to believe what you read online. However, that does not keep a company from trying to get over on the unsuspecting public. Consequently, consumers looking for reviews they can trust and inevitably turn to the same place.

Welcome to Friendspire

On the recommendations from friends and family, people will dine late at restaurants, drag children to movie nights or even pick up the latest books. Regardless, of if it made the bestseller list or not. No more sifting through reviews that have nothing to do with the business you searched for. Moreover, say goodbye to hours of podcasts by “local” celebrities. Consequently, movie nights will be planned by your inner circle rather than podcasts suggestions.

The Friendspire platform is unique, in that you can peruse the honest opinions of those you know on movies, books, music, clothing and so much more without having to ask a thousand questions. Not to mention the added surprise of finding out a best friend is more well-read than previously thought.

The reviews created do not have to be all about brick and mortar businesses. Perhaps an up and coming artist is having a show. The offerings are endless and Friendspire has endeavored to bring them all to your fingertips.

Tips from Real Strangers

With Friendspire there is no such thing as being rained out in a strange city. No more sitting in the hotel flipping through unfamiliar channels. Find your favorite tv shows or get recommendations on creating an impromptu movie night. Conversely, a night on the town might reveal several fabulous bars or restaurants that are waiting to make your acquaintance.

Be a Favorite

Build a special list to share your tv shows and become someone else’s favorite stranger. There is no need to read a paid celebrity endorsement when an honest one is right in front of them.

Let your suggestions be heard, by providing insight into the best place to get beer and wings. Not to mention, helping someone else know that just because it carries the same name, not all locations are alike.

Make New Friends

Everyone does not have a friendly source to make recommendations on bars and books. However, the team of Friendspire has this worked out to the user’s advantage. A new friend takes the form of the Friendspire team. Visiting a strange eatery can be done with confidence as the reviews are not compiled from vague sources, but from someone who ate there first.

Available on Device Near You

It is also wonderful to know that the new traveling friends acquired, can be found at any time and on any device. The Friendspire application can be found in the Google Play Store, Apple’s iTunes, and can also be accessed via the website on any computer. Making use of the resources provided by the app simple and easy, no matter where it’s accessed from.

With the introduction of Friendspire, wary customers no longer have to depend on outdated reviews posted by person’s unknown. With the swipe of a finger, users can be confident in the choices regarding everything from food to music. Or anything in between.

Finally, an answer to the question that everyone is asking. With the answer coming from a place of honesty and trust. Listen to the people that are the best known and open up a friendly resource of new favorites just waiting for you to show up.

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