9 Guidelines For Firearm Safety

Everyone should take gun ownership seriously. This means that whether you have a safe full of Glocks or one old hunting rifle, you should make gun safety your number-one priority. This means learning to use and handle your handguns safely. There are a few rules you should always follow when handling a firearm. Here are nine of the most important guidelines. 

1. Treat Them Like They Are Loaded

Treat any firearm like it is loaded. It doesn’t matter whether it is a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. 

2. Don’t Point Them at Anything but Your Target

Always keep the muzzle of your weapon pointed downrange. This means keep it pointed so that no one would get hurt if it were to discharge accidentally. Be sure that you only point your muzzle at your intended target. 

3. Keep Your Finger off the Trigger

Always watch where your trigger finger is. The only time you should have your finger on the trigger is when you are shooting. 

4. Beware of Your Background

Watch what is behind your target. Keep an eye out for anything that shouldn’t be filled with bullet holes. 

5. Know How To Use the Safety

You must know how to use the safety for all of your firearms. Each one will be different, so you need to be familiar with each one. 

6. Use All of Your Guns

Be sure to use all of your guns. This lets you get comfortable with all of them. You will also be able to build muscle memory with each one. Just remember to wear ear and eye protection whenever you practice. 

7. Keep Them Stored Properly

It would be best if you store your firearms properly. Drawers, closets, and cabinets are not locked and secure locations. The best way to store a firearm is in a fireproof safe. If you don’t have one, a gun case with a lock will work. 

8. Share Your Knowledge With Others

Share your knowledge of firearm safety with your family. This includes any of your children, even if you don’t think they are ready to shoot regularly. This will help them be comfortable around firearms and learn how to use one safely. 

9. Watch Anyone Using Your Guns

Don’t let just anyone use your guns. When you let a friend or family member shoot one of your weapons, make sure they know how to handle it. Teach them if they don’t know. You can also encourage them to take a professionally taught safety class. 

There are several things you should do to be a safe and responsible gun owner. These are the most important rules of gun safety. 

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