7 Eminent Features of the Softaculous you never Knew

Eminent Features of the Softaculous

Depending on the tasks, a website may need plenty of web applications to interact with the Internet. So the installation of these web applications becomes far easier if backed up by an installing tool. Softaculous, a commercial script library, is the perfect example of an auto-installer. It readily automates the installation of commercial and open-source web applications to a website. All you have to do is get the Softaculous license, and one-click will do any installation. So if you are interested in using it for your website, let us reel off the eminent features of the Softaculous.

Eminent Features of the Softaculous

1. Extensive Scripts & APPS

Softaculous supports hundreds of apps and software that a website owner or system administrator might need to cater to the website’s needs. It provides hundreds of scripts, approximately about 450 scripts, and 382 apps frequently used by the hosting industry. It can be the CMSs (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, etc., or PHP, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript applications, and more.

eminent features of the Softaculous

2. Control Panel Choice 

To use this auto-installing tool, you need to use the administration area (administrative access) of a control panel. The appreciable part is that it is compatible with many control panels in use in the web hosting industry. For instance, the list includes cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, ISP System, Interworx, VestaCP CentOS WebPanel, and Hosting Controller. Its strong integration with all of the Control Panels out there is undoubtedly one of the eminent features of the Softaculous.

For example, cPanel is the most widely used control panel, and Softaculous comes integrated with the cPanel. Therefore, Softaculous cPanel is the people’s choice, so you can easily use Softaculous are executed the scripts and apps from the administration area.

3. Softaculous Staging 

  • Staging Instance

For people who do not know about the term, let us briefly explain it.

Staging refers to the testing environment or copied environment such as staging server, staging website, etc. In short, the Softaculous staging environment produces a copy of the production website where the user can preview (test) the changes or upgrades before applying them on the live production website. This primary motivation is to prevent website downtimes and avoid expecting potential errors on the live website. From the concept, you can imagine the practicality and benefit of this feature.

In addition, Softaculous proudly claims that only their product has got this feature out of all the auto-installers working currently. Therefore, by depositing the defined Softaculous pricing, you can also get this usable feature by Softaculous.

  • Push to Live

The above feature doesn’t end there. There is more to it. When you are done testing the changes/ upgrades and wish to apply them, Softaculous aids here too. That means all the staging instances can be pushed to the live website. You can simply select to push both or whichever of the files/database on siteaudit olitvn.

4. Import installation from Remote Server

Next in the eminent features of the Softaculous is the ease of import.

System administrators also look for tools to simplify importing the files. Fortunately, there is no need to implement a separate tool for it. Instead, Softaculous offers you the import feature. All you have to do is to clue in the source server’s login details. Eventually, your can import the installation with files or database(s) from the remote server.

5. Updates 

  • Day-to-Day Updates

A worthy feature and also one of the other compelling reasons is the daily updates. The Softaculous scripts team keeps current with the updates and, in turn, releases the new updates within a day of release by the software vendor. So no worries about not knowing the current releases or not being able to use the current versions of your apps. Instead, you can simply press on the Update option from, for example, your Softaculous cPanel, and it will update your respective app successfully.

  • Auto Updates

If you are into more automation yet still stay current, you can leverage the Auto Updates options. Eminent Features of the Softaculous offers the option of automatically installing the update as soon as the release of a new version of a particular app.

6. Backups 

  • One-click Backups and Restore

Despite being an auto-installer, there are other lucrative and eminent features of the Softaculous too. For instance, likewise, the installation process has a one-click backup and restores option. Users can quickly backup the sites and web projects.

  • Backups on External Premises

However, securing plenty of data isn’t easy, and also many people are a bit concerned about the in-site backups. Softaculous practically resolves this issue by offering external backups on Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP/FTPS/SFTP locations. Google Drive and Dropbox have long been regarded as viable off-site backup locations.

  • Auto Backups

Extending the Backup feature, you can also expect to have the automation for eminent features of the Softaculous backups. That means you can schedule the backups and automate them for periodic intervals, whether daily, weekly, monthly or any of your preferred custom times.

 7. Rebranding Options 

Another exciting feature is rebranding. You can rebrand your site with your custom logo and website name or use the custom CSS to blend with your brand for rebranding.

To leverage the eminent features of the Softaculous, as we mentioned, exercising the Softaculous license will be the direct course way. That being said, you can get the license from a reliable web hosting company, or Softaculous partnered companies.

Navicosoft offers Softaculous cPanel to let you acquire the perks of the eminent features of the Softaculous auto-installer with the industry’s best cheap Softaculous pricing.

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