5 Ways Google Cloud Security Delivers Cost Savings

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While there are numerous cloud security options available these days, perhaps none has greater name recognition behind it than Google Cloud Security. As an industry-recognized leader in providing cloud services, Google Cloud Security offers several significant benefits that result in genuine cost savings for an organization.

A Robust, Single-Vendor Solution

Even with the most well-planned framework in hand, companies may not initially realize what cloud services they need. There may be elements of data storage, access, or protection that haven’t been considered, or perhaps a company’s needs change over time. When that happens, it’s vital to have a single vendor in place that can be truly responsive, instead of several vendors and patchwork solutions. Google Cloud Security includes dozens of tools designed to give businesses exactly what they need when they need it. Firewalls restrict data from unauthorized access, access transparency provides real-time user logs, and audit logs record every transaction for thorough investigative purposes. Other Google Cloud Security tools include data analytics, networking, API management, and database modules, to name a few. It can be overwhelming for a business to make the switch to Google Cloud Security; that’s why engaging with a third-party vendor who is already familiar with all of the services Google provides can be so helpful. Their insight, such as that found at https://sonraisecurity.com/education/aws-azure-google-cloud-security-iam/, can help businesses move faster in setting up services. 

Greater Efficiency

Because Google Cloud Security is designed to support organizations across industries, it’s a versatile solution for businesses whose operations may touch one or more verticals. Modules support retail, telecommunications, media and entertainment, and small business, among others. Users can develop and run their own applications, implement AI and machine learning tools, manage data and infrastructure, and roll-out collaborative tools. It will help with more efficient working relationships within teams and across departments to avoid the dreaded siloing that can slow down decision-making and productivity while inhibiting accurate budgeting. Turning to Google Cloud Security can also streamline accounting functions, as multiple services come through and are billed by a single vendor. Having one point of contact for all Google Cloud Security services reduces the need to call on several vendors and hope their products can be integrated to meet your business needs. 

Responsive Information Security Solutions

Google Cloud Security provides scalable and constantly updated protection for your business data. Using the company’s Chronicle feature, businesses can quickly identify and act on potential threats through in-depth yet rapid analysis. Google’s infrastructure supports small businesses and large corporations by flexing in response to changing business needs and real-time threat intelligence assessments based on the company’s years of expertise. Clients pay only for the services they need. Companies can free up their IT teams to dedicate their efforts to more local projects or custom work while leaving the big-picture information security solutions to the industry professionals. 

Reduced Risk Through Stronger Compliance

Running afoul of industry or regulatory compliance can be costly, especially when companies operate across states or countries, where regulations can vary widely. Turning to Google Cloud Security for compliance tools can minimize potential risk because its infrastructure is built to comply with approved standards across sectors, including HIPAA and FERPA. Available resources include Google’s Compliance Resource Center, which provides clients with Google’s compliance with retail, financial, health care, and other standards. The Compliance Reports Manager also makes it quick and easy to provide evidence of compliance when needed, allowing companies to move quickly in response to requests for proof and reducing the staff hours needed to fulfill such requests. 

Flexible Pricing Models

Google Cloud Security offers clients detailed and varied pricing models, so businesses only need to pay for the services and solutions they need. Pricing calculators assist in building prospective service plans and evaluating all options with transparency. Google Cloud Security also offers several popular modules to companies for free, with some usage limits. These include Google Cloud Marketplace, AutoML features, Cloud Run, Cloud Storage, App Engine, and Kubernetes Engine. By choosing a la carte services, businesses can be assured of getting the essentials that they need while avoiding the costs of features they won’t use. Making changes by adding or dropping services in response to business needs is easy and improves ongoing resource allocation.

Among the cloud security services available to businesses, Google Cloud Security may offer the most diverse and dynamic tools for organizations of all sizes. Solutions are designed to be responsive, easy to use, and flexible in meeting a business’s needs, including the ever-present need for cost savings management. With a broad array of security solutions and tools to choose from, companies are in control; they can scale up or down as needed and plan their financial resources more accurately, maximizing their financial investment in the company’s security needs.

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