5 Hiking Gear Essentials You Must Bring For Your Next Spring Adventure


The spring season is perhaps the best time for you to go on a hiking adventure. That’s because this is the season when flowers start to bloom. It is also when the harsh, cold winter seeps away, making it ideal for hiking.

The places that would usually be too hot and humid to hike in will have more tolerable temperatures in the spring.

Going on a spring hiking adventure offers a different experience than that of the other seasons. This means that you should prepare your hiking gear depending on the season and the situation.

On that note, here are five hiking gear essentials that you must bring with you for your next spring adventure to start the year.

1. Waterproof Jacket

You never know how the weather is going to be like on the day of your hike. Even when the weather forecasts say that the likelihood of rain is low, it can still rain when you go on that hike.

Bringing your rain jacket ensures that you have protection against the sudden change of weather, especially when you are hiking.

A rain jacket or a waterproof jacket will allow you to move with comfort when hiking around under the rain. You won’t have to worry about freezing yourself through the night because your clothes are wet after the rain with the help of a waterproof jacket. Aside from that, you can protect the items that you use as well.

If you get yourself a high-quality waterproof jacket, you won’t worry about how bulky it is. Aside from that, it will be light enough that it won’t make you sweat all day when you’re hiking under the sun.

2. Lightweight Towel

Although spring comes before summer, it doesn’t mean that it’s close to being warm. It can get freezing, depending on where you’re hiking towards for the trip. In these conditions, the water will be too cold to bathe in for a lot of people.

Going on a multi-day hike could mean limited shower times. Since it is still cold during the early spring, especially in higher elevations, it might be too harsh to bathe in the frigid waters. Therefore, bringing a big towel with you won’t make any sense.

Having a lightweight towel will help you shower on your hiking trip in the spring, but it won’t burden you. Aside from that, it won’t take up a lot of space inside your pack.

3. Packable Insulated Jacket

No matter what season it may be, it is good to wear layers on your hike, especially in the spring.

When hiking in spring, you do not want to bring too many clothes with you. Carrying a lot of clothes during a rainy season would help absorb a lot of water. Your bag will be quite heavy as a result.

However, it is still cold in the spring, so you want to warm yourself up too. Thus, you should make sure that you bring a lightweight and packable insulated jacket for your spring hike. That way, it will not take up so much room in your bag.

4. Waterproof Hiking Boots

Rain is a regular occurrence during spring. Hence, you should prepare adequate protection when going for a rainy spring hike.

Since the wet ground is going to make things quite slippery and muddy for you, you should have hiking boots that will help you remain stable. Waterproof hiking boots will help you achieve that.

Even the mildest rains can create puddles for you to slip on, so make sure that you bring waterproof hiking boots to wear with you. Aside from protecting you from slipping, it will also help warm your toes, so you don’t get frostbite from the hike.

5. Traction Spikes

As mentioned before, the rain can make things quite slippery for you when you’re hiking. A wet ground makes for a dangerous situation, even in a familiar hiking trail.

If you have waterproof hiking boots already, those are great for spring hiking. However, if yours don’t come with crampons, you’re still not safe from slipping.

You can attach crampons or traction spikes underneath those boots to get improved ground traction. If some areas around you have some snow, they can be quite slick. Traction spikes will be useful for traversing these slippery surfaces for you.


Your next spring adventure can be quite an adventure that will give you a whole different type of scenery to enjoy. After all, there’s nothing quite like seeing the plants start to bloom, and the greens begin to brighten around you.

By bringing these spring hiking gear essentials with you, you should be able to stay safe and have a comfortable time on your next spring adventure. Therefore, make sure that you don’t forget to bring these with you!

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