5 Accents Pieces That Update an Older Space

Are you tired of your living room design? Is the overall feeling of your home a bit out-dated and stale? After several years, staring at the same thing can feel drab and trying. Now, with being stuck at home even more, the situation may simply be distressing. When that frustration takes over, it’s time to change up the decor; therefore, take some action now. Use some of this extra downtime to remodel, hopefully creating a more cheerful, invigorating atmosphere. You should enjoy being at home. Is this affordable, though? Revamping an older look doesn’t require a fortune. A few simple accessory pieces could alter the atmosphere, energizing the space. Consider livening up your house by adding one or more of the following pieces.

1. Art Work

Focal points are important. Where are eyes drawn when people enter or sit? Purchase something large and colorful to tie your furniture together and simply impress. Look for colors that blend in with what you have, but a concept that shakes up the norm. To avoid the stock images, buy handmade paintings online. They are not found in traditional stores; plus, they offer a splash of uniqueness. 

2. Rugs

Walls and floors should provide depth and brightness. If you have hardwoods, tile or vinyl plank, then warm it up with an area rug. The softness adds texture. The shades can contrast or compliment the rest of the room. Swapping out patterns and images could redefine the entire concept.

3. Light Fixtures

Update entry and dining lights. Pendants, sconces and chandeliers vary greatly. Some are quite understated. Many are classic. Others are bold, modern and daring. Shop around, browsing online sites for products that strike your attention. An electrician can remove the older models and hook up the newer ones for you.

4. Pillows and Throws

Bored of the sofa? You don’t have to splurge on something fancy. Head out to a home goods store, exploring the pillows and blankets. A splash of pigment transforms it. Load up the cushions with several of the same or mix and match to have a little fun. Toss a soft and subtle throw over the top for those colder evenings.

5. Side Tables

Coffee and side tables are more than functional. They are designs, crafted to enhance a location. Change shapes and sizes to offer a new view.

It’s pretty normal for some things to lose their pizzazz. That’s just a sign that action should happen. Focus on easy, small shifts. They could bring about much pleasure and joy.

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