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3 Reasons Not to Overlook Waco, Texas

If you’re moving to Texas, it can feel like you have an entire country to pick from.  From the incredible warmer deserts to the beautiful lush swamps, it can be difficult to land in one city without randomly selecting one.

Instead of leaving it up to chance: consider Waco.  

These are the top three reasons anyone should consider this amazing city and why it speaks to the heart of so many people.  

1- Lower Cost of Living Across the Board

The best reason to move to Waco is it’s incredibly affordable to live here.  Not only is the median home cost almost a hundred thousand dollars less than the Texas median: but it’s cheaper than the national average as well.  Out of a rating average of 100 across the USA, Waco scores a 77: meaning it’s far more affordable than most cities out there.  

This is awesome for young professionals wanting to start their careers in an affordable area or families that want to expand and gain more possibilities in a new city.  Waco gives everyone the chance to start fresh, so there’s nothing else like it.  The average credit score here is also above average because the lower cost of living is allowing people to pay off debt and focus on finances instead.

2- Endless Things to See and Do

Why move somewhere boring?  Waco has something awesome and interesting for everyone.  From the in-site fossils of mammoths at the Waco Mammoth National Monument to the Magnolia Market at the Silos, where you can enjoy shopping and supporting small businesses, there are a lot of fun and awesome attractions here. 

Kids will love the awesome parks and recreation areas, and parents will love the many interactive science and history exhibits in locations like the Mayborn Museum Complex.  You can enjoy a fantastic work-life balance here, unlike anywhere else, that will allow you to keep entertained and enjoy your life off the clock.

3- Waco Is Growing and Gaining Popularity

Waco has been booming in population, gaining almost 40,000 people in the last ten years!  More move here every day, and this city is quickly growing larger.  This makes it even more important to move in soon before housing becomes more scarce and far more expensive.  

Waco houses for rent right now are far more affordable than anywhere else in the state, allowing younger people to buy homes far sooner than they could in other cities.  Although the housing market has been chaotic across the country, Waco has been relatively stable, offering a chance to still buy homes without worrying about bidding wars or issues with other buyers.

The properties here do gain value, just more gradually.  This is ideal for someone who wants a long-term investment in their home: that they can eventually sell as a retirement nest egg when they’re ready. 

Texas Is More Than Dallas, Houston, and Austin!

Although Dallas, Houston, and Austin are fantastic cities and large stars in Texas’s hat: Waco is an awesome city to live in and should still be considered.  Check out some of these perks, and consider moving to Waco soon; you’ll never want to leave this fantastic city.

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